3 things a side chick does that a wife should

3 things a side chick does that a wife should

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Do you know 3 thing a side chick does that a wife should? These are most likely the things that keep men looking for these girls.

Firstly I want debunk the claims that all men cheat. Some men are too obsessed with their partners to. And also the “once a cheater, always a cheater” people can change but not all will.

If you have a cheating partner, it could possibly be because of some thing you are or are not doing.

Below is a list of what side chick do, that keep your spouse with them.

1) They feed his ego

It’s not news that most men have very huge egos. They like feeling like they’re in control or they are needed and important. That’s what a side chick gives him, she’ll call him sweet names, praise him. This is a classic way to control a man, make him feel like he has control.

2) She looks good for him

You know the way you used to dress up before you got married? Yeah keep doing that. Have you ever seen a side chick that dresses like a mother of 6? Dress up for him. Sometimes wear that lingerie that you know gets his head spinning. Look really good and watch him stay.

3) A side chick doesn’t nag

If you have ever been around someone who complains all the time, you’ll get this. It is sickening, this is a tested and trusted way of pushing your spouse away. Something a side chick would never do. Instead of nagging, I recommend manipulation (not spiritual). Like maybe crying, or teasing him with the other room anything.

Now while some men would change if you follow these, others may not. Those others are just impossible and it’s your choice if you want to stay or leave but you should know that you deserve whole hearted love. Remember to always pray that God keeps your home because there’s love where God is. Good day!

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