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I don’t involve myself with wine women and weed – Ruger

  • Ruger bounce videoFast rising jonzing records Signing “ruger” brags on how he doesn’t indulge in “wine,women and weed”
    He made this known in an interview with punch news. The singer says and I quote “no, I’m not into any of them” These were the exact words he said in the punch interview

Nigerian artiste Ruger also speaks on how challenging it was for him during his early days in his career, enlightening us on the juicy details of his journey so far in the industry till date and he says;

“The main challenge I had was the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Working during that time was hard because everyone was indoors. As a creative person, one has to experience certain things, but that could not happen then because one could not go out due to the lockdown.
I used the experience (the memories he had made mixed with his thoughts) to make my songs. But then, I was just indoors making music. Everything was uncertain at that time and one did not know where the world was going because the pandemic really shook the globe. However, I continued working hard and was releasing songs. The words of encouragement from everyone on my team also helped me get through that period.”
He also used this platform to encourage other artistes, both the already made and the yet to receive the limelight saying they should keep their heads up and never to forget where their coming from because it’s not easy to start from the scratch especially in this industry. He also said they should reduce the way they move out (go out) in order to maintain their sanit and in order to not be discouraged by people around. In his words ” I will also advise them to limit the way they go out. If they go everywhere, they will hear all kinds of things. Many people do things for their selfish interests. If you go out too much, you may be misled by what other people are saying they heard about a particular person. It is good to be a bit reserved. As an artiste, you should focus on your craft.”
And mostly important he talks abouts being consistent in your craft. According to the artiste “Rome was not built in a day. A person cannot just ‘blow up’ in one day. You have to keep working and believing in your efforts. Also, keep believing in God.”

These are the words of encouragement the music star shared in the interview with punch which is quite inspirational. We just hope our artiste would pick up this advice and continue to dream big until their dreams come to reality.

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