5 foods that every Nigerian student has eaten

5 foods that every Nigerian student has eaten

August 22, 2022 0 By

1) Garri

Obviously this one is the “Grandmaster” of them all. Cassava flakes as it is fondly called is a life guard, as it saves lives of students when they are drowning in brokeness. Garri has been saving lives since 1880 and is still doing so today. It is a companion for many and is the reason most of us did not die of hunger.

2) Concussion Rice

Running closely behind is concussion rice. Those times when your money has finished, and your foodstuff is nearing poverty level, this is the next option. Concussion rice may or may not be delicious depending on the expertise of the cook but many times it’s not eaten for deliciousness, it’s taken so you’ll have strength to go to class. God help us!




You know the thing about beans? It goes with anything. In Nigerian Universities, you’d be introduced to so many delicacies that involve beans and you’ll be amazed (especially if you’re Ajebo). In the beginning you’ll swear by your GPA that you’d never eat “that nonsense” but when hunger shows himself…



4) Bread

This guy has little to do with hunger, it’s more laziness or tiredness. Bread is an easy way out from the stress of cooking before going to class or after class. It has also been saving lives for a very long time. Bread and moin-moin with cold Pepsi hits different after classes.


5) Spaghetti/ noodles

Noodles are definitely top dogs in student foods because they are easy and stress free. I’ve noticed girls like them very much, don’t know why.

This is not to say students don’t enjoy themselves in school, lol. In fact they probably enjoy more than any other group but sometimes they get broke and then have to resort to SAPA foods. Remember to send a student money today😂

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