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EVERYTHING You Can Do With MS Excel

This post contains EVERYTHING you can do in excel 😱👇

Excel continues to be the #1 tool used for Finance & Accounting professionals…

and for good reason.

With excel, there are pretty much no limits to what you can accomplish.

Lucky for you, I’ve summarized everything that you can do in excel, and where you can find each resource.

Let’s do a walk through it all 👀 :

📁 File → access & manage key areas of your workbook

This is where most people start out when they open an excel file…

here you can create a new file…open an existing file..

access a template…or access key options.

🏠 Home → access your clipboard, font, alignment, number format, cell styles, and filters

My favorite tools here are:

  • Set paste options – whether that be pasting values, formatting, or as a picture
  • Control cell aesthetics – whether that be fonts, colors, sizing, borders, and more
  • Change cell format – whether that be as a number, currency, date, or more
  • Formatting cells – whether that be conditional formatting, cell styles, insert, or deleting cells

⬆️ Insert → insert different elements into your excel file

this is where we get one of my favorite excel tools…

tables & pivottables

But there’s so much more that you can do in this section, such as…

  • inserting shapes & illustrations
  • inserting charts
  • sparklines

and much more

📄 Page Layout → format your document for how it will look printed

Gonna print your document? This section has got you covered

I especially find this one useful when preparing pitch decks

🔣Formulas → manage your formulas

oh man…so much ot say on this one.

First…check out this post from a few weeks back on every formula you need to know in excel:

Then, master this section by learning:

  • Formula auditing → how you can avoid & debug errors
  • Watch window → monitor the value of a specific cell as you switch between tabs

and much more

🔢Data → manage, analyze, and transform your data

BIG section…because it introduces my favorite tool…

power query

Something that you ABSOLUTELY need to learn.

Here you can also:

  • Set data validation / drop downs
  • Group / ungroup

And much more

🧐Review → ensure accuracy, collaboration, and security

favorite tools here are protecting a range from being edited, and utilizing notes / comments

👀View → control how the workbook is displayed on the screen

favorite tools here are to hide gridlines, and duplicate a window on a 2nd monitor

🤖Developer → write macros, use ActiveX controls, or create applications

favorite tools here are to add active x / form controls for easy buttons

🔍 Bottom menu bar → control tabs, access cell mode indicator and more


That’s about everything you can do in excel…

but there’s so much more that I couldn’t share given the 3,000 character limit.

What would you add?

Let us know in the comments below 👇

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