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The road to success is a lonely journey, but you never travel alone. You will definitely need the support and goodwill of others to become great in life. True success is the actualization of worthy goals while leveraging the support of others.

Successful organizations are not the result of a genius CEO but rather the collective effort of their employees. Even solo entrepreneurs or artists benefit from the wisdom and experiences from those around them including mentors and successful peers.

No one succeeds alone. The price of greatness is shared responsibility. We need the insights and encouragement of others to scale above failures and challenges as realtors.

Behind every successful person, there is a great person or team. Surround yourself with the right company. Other people can provide the inspiration, knowledge, perspective, wisdom, and feedback you need to keep you on track

That’s why an Accountability Partner can dramatically increase your chances to succeed. You must have someone whom to answer for your actions and results — a person that can keep you on track and be honest with you.

There are two notable benefits of having an accountability partner as outlined below.

1) The Transformational Power of Accountability.

Accountability breeds response-ability. Having a dream is not enough. You have to own your dream. When you have someone as a motivational reference point for your goals, you will become more intentional with the pursuit of your mission.

Most people fail to achieve what they want because they don’t set goals. Or they set unrealistic or generalistic goals — which is the same as not having any goal at all.

Accountability means taking ownership of your life outcomes or becoming responsible for your actions and results. It’s what leaders want more of themselves and their teams.

Your probability of achieving something depends on being specific and committed, according to social research.

If you simply have an idea or goal, you are against all the odds. Consciously deciding to achieve something increases your chances from 10% to 25%. Once you choose when and have a clear how, your chances of succeeding become over 50%.

2) Social commitment dramatically increases your odds.

When you commit to someone that you will do it, it stretches your probability of success to over 65%. Moreover, when you create a specific accountability appointment with a person you are committed to, the odds are in your favour by over 70% probability of success.

The likelihood of getting clients and sealing deals dramatically increases when you set a time to report back to someone on your progress.

Social accountability increases the likelihood of achieving your goals, but it’s not enough. You need to commit to one person in particular. An accountability partner is critical to your success.

When you want to travel fast go alone. But if you want to travel far, go together with people.

Collaboration is the new competition.

Networking is the new currency of the digital economy.

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