Dear Sir, writing to you is not just to make you feel good but rather to let you know that we the people of Lekki acknowledge your workaholic nature and the ever-progressive flair to attain greatness. Since inception, you have been a blessing to everyone within and outside your chairmanship jurisdiction.

Youths and the students smile at you and see you as a role model and an inspiring motivation, you teach us to not to be inactive, and lay the legacies of commitment, enthusiasm, zeal, and passion.

We are so grateful to have you as a role model. Honestly, we vehemently tell that you never ignore us, you extend your charismatic nature to us – the setting up of an ICT Centre within the council, it’s mostly beneficial to us, the provision of boats for students, purchase of school bus (Coaster Bus) to convey students to and fro, sir, you also organized the end of the year party and quiz competition for students of the LCDA, increased the school’s imprest, the distribution of free GCE forms, Jamb Forms and Exercise Books to our younger ones.

Mr Chairman, we won’t also forget our medical scholars you sponsored via full funded scholarships. Sir, we’ll be hypocrites if we say we don’t know the cost to sponsor a medical student not to talk of two and more. Apart from the financial aspect of your support, this is evident enough to conclude that we have a chairperson who understands the value and significance of Education.

You did all in your power to rejuvenate the educational sector, to the extent of rewarding us with incentives. Mr. Chairman sir, take this as an assurance – we’ll always be a moral agent.

We can’t forget the opportunity and relevance you gave us when you hosted the 2021 RBK Aluta Gyration Agenda (RAGA), where all students of the LCDA were mobilized for face-to-face interaction with the Chairman to discuss the future of youths and education.

This has never happened before in history, you made it happen – we’re honored, and look forward to more it as promised. You never failed us, we won’t fail you too, sir. You have written your name with the letters of gold in our hearts, it will remain evergreen forever.

Amazingly and not surprisingly, the older citizens, aged residents, and elders sing your praises every day. ‘A true African man, the real son of the soil’, the chants. The indigenes and inhabitants are not excluded, they don’t turn a blind eye to the huge projects that are set in under your administration.

The reconstruction of Primary Health Centres, and equipping these health sections with modern 21st-century equipment, the ongoing construction of the Okunraye Open Fish Market, facilitating the Ise Police Station, the purchase of a new bus for the NULGE, you went at length to host a training to equip the parents with 21st-century parenting skills, the purchase of new environmental tools and machines for environmental sustainability amongst others, all these also hold substantial place in our hearts. We are indebted, Á mọ́ ló ré, adupẹ lọpọlọpọ, Alága tiwá.

It is our joy that employees now work with faces full of smiles, passions, and free hearts. Their enthusiasm to work increase everyday, this is just as a result of your good governance, sir. Your inducement will always be acknowledged; the possession of handwork tools to empower and support artisans, purchases of a new bus for NULGE, and the award and recognition of Best Teacher in Lekki LCDA is a motivation that wakes even the dozing workers and makes them up to task.

Dear chairperson, we’ll always regard you for understanding so well the concept of inclusiveness, and the importance of feedback. Your ability to relate with everyone is topnotch, your manners of creating familiarity with everyone is second to none, and you never see anyone as common. The stakeholder’s consultation meeting on restoring electricity, where the commission for energy, ministries, and agencies was present, the ember month peace and security meeting, the strategic meeting with Farmers and Fishers Associations on empowerment and socio-economic development, the quarterly meeting of all staff of Lekki LCDA, the meeting of all women groups in Lekki LCDA, the end of the year party and empowerment for women of the LCDA amongst a host of others hold a tangible place in our hearts. You extend love to everyone irrespective of age, status, qualifications, etc. You’ll always be remembered, sir.

Dearest chairperson, I, Eleto Olorunsegun Jubril on behalf of the teeming youths, students, residents, workers, and citizens of the Lekki LCDA acknowledge your accomplishments thus far, and appreciate your dedicating spirit while we are certain – you’ll not relent to make more impact. Thank you for repositioning all angles and sectors, we’re happy you give us the good governance we deserved. GOD BLESS YOU, SIR.

ELETO, Olorunsegun Jubril.

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