It is with a heavy heart that we make this press release. However, one fact clear enough is that the failure of leadership from Nigeria and the Northern Muslim leadership stinks.

How do we explain the killings of Humans for any matter let alone when they are Christian or Southerner or even Muslims.

THE APOLOGIES OF THE SULTANATE FOR THE MURDER OF A STUDENT WHO SAID JESUS IS THE GREATEST AND JESUS MADE HER PASS HER EXAMS only paint the rot of value for human lives ravaging that part of the country.

The executioners of this act knew they were going to be hailed as heroes of religion against all reasons or common sense and the powers that be would hand over the better side of the rope to them to make easy their escape.

This is not the first occurance and if any country would be taken seriously such a case would be handled with interest from the force headquarters to serve justice

The Nigerian government and the Northern Muslim leadership should explain to us if Nigeria’s position as a secular state has been altered. This is what the impetus to have introduce Sharia as part of our judicial system can only result to.

Human rights and freedom of association is fundamental and should not be abused.


We want justice NOW for DEBORAH SAMUEL with all sense of urgency.

Courtesy: Afenifere National Youth Council

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