The election activity has come and is now a thing of the past, meanwhile, at the end, we have those who truly deserve it as our political office holder for the next four years.

I can’t do without appreciating all the game changers from the Apex level to different leadership sections.

My appreciation goes to my humble leader HON. GANIYU ALANI OYEDEJI (GOCO for allowing me to be part of his struggles during the time he contested for the office of the House of Assembly four years ago. It was the opportunity to serve then that led to my position today. The opportunity gave me deep reasoning to retrace my political interests. Thanks for the opportunity sir.

I will not fail to appreciate HON. BODE FAKUNLE for reviving the energies during a courtesy visit to him along with my team, by saying to us “it is time for the youths to be fully involved in politics” and charging us to get involved to contribute our parts positively. Your words of encouragement germinated in me and paved way for me politically.

HON. WOLE ENILOLOBO, yet, another person I can’t sweep off, you can’t be excluded from my history book. During my tour to have an interactive section with people that matter, during the meeting you make it an interesting program for me and my team and I picked a word from you that day. You said “we want people like you that can be bold enough to point out where we are lacking behind”. Your word that day supported me to act fast on my decision. You are amazing with the way you play your politics without bitterness. I appreciate you sir.

Dear HON. OBADINA BAMIDE ALAO (OBA) You are highly appreciated, you are a great man that I deeply love so much, and your political styles is one of the best. You believe that what will be will surely be and strongly put in your best to seek what you desire in your heart to acquire. You make me understand that politics is not a do-or-die affair and we shouldn’t because of politics turn to an enemy of others. I love your style sir and I appreciate you for allowing me to benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

The most amazing Honourable I have ever met in life, I can’t do without calling out your name in my write-up. HON. ISIAKA IBRAHIM AYOKUNLE (EASYLIFE) I appreciate your all-inclusive style and your leadership role. I have learned a lot of leadership skills from you sir, I started rough with you but later ended with smiles. You have taught me how good leaders should operate and I have kept that so safe in my memory. Your words of encouragements and supportive act crowned you as one of the best in Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency and Ogun State at large. Big thanks to you sir.

My dear boss and Brother, HON. FOLA FATIU SALAMI (FFS), I am so proud of having a boss and brother like you. Your political style is one in town, and you are blessed with full of strategies that will bring out positive results, some of your actions put many people in suspense but whenever the result is out, you always receive double stars. You are blessed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, you are a blessing to many youths across Ifo local government, and beyond while your courage as a leader always build the hopes of your followers. I called you my political lecturer and moderator. I never regretted associating myself with you sir. I will seize the moment to say congratulations to you our own OGHA member. As you keep making people around you fly politically, God will surely make the sky your beginning in Jesus name, keep flying higher, sir.

HON. ADELEYE ADIJAT, even when there is not enough time for us to discuss the way forward of our local government during the period of my tour, from far you understood my mission and vision, for having a new phase of Ifo Local Government where both politicians and the masses can become beneficiaries of good governance. Thank you so much for the recognition. My best female political striker, better days ahead of you. Keep striving to the top, the good Lord will continue to add more to your strengths.

Hummmm. My darling one. I can’t end my appreciations without saying a big thanks to you. My valued person, the woman I so much cherish and respect. HON. OLAGUNJU OLUWATOYIN ADEBO, thanks for your words of encouragement, I can remember when you said to me that “one can’t correct political errors from the back of the fence because no one will listen”. You said to me you have to be fully involved if truly you have the love of your people at heart and a mission to make some changes. Your efforts in changing a political contractor into the political mean stream structure can never be underestimated. I am fully in the system today because you believe in me and know that I can never disappoint you in any way. I still stand on my promise to you from day one that I will never disrespect any party leaders but will not keep my mouth shut to point out where they need to act and discharge their duties for positive change in the society. Dear woman leader, I pray that your leadership skills will never be wiped away from you. You will keep going higher politically. Whosoever that gang up against you, seeking your downfall, shall fall before you by the special grace of God. Thank you so much for believing in me. Many calendar years have been destroyed and still counting by the special grace of God. No shaking, No intimidation. Together we are stronger.

To all party loyalists, I appreciate all your efforts and contributions toward the victory of all our party candidates. I pray when it is your turn to lead, God will raise many people to rally around you to give their support.

Irorun media team, thanks for believing in me. My dear friend, Hon. Adebowale Sunday you are a team maker. All Irorun media team members, the future is very bright, so let us keep putting in our best. I love you all.

In conclusion, it was a great experience serving as an Asst Editor in Ifo constituency 2 media team and also as a member of Ifo Local Government media team under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Campaign Committee. This has added value to my selfless service. Nice working with you all.

To all YAPI fans out there, I appreciate you all. YAPI Foundation Family we are unshakable. I love you all.

Amb. Olayemi Paul (YAPI)

By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Gabriel O. Fasholu is the founder and editor of SPYCONNET. A brilliant Educationist, Social Media Enthusiast & Freelancer who is passionate about passing undefiled information to the entire public.

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