Bbn Star Niyi Drags Men Who Aspire For Women’s Back Side

In a recent tweet Bbn star “Niyi lawal” drags men who only aspire for womens back side. He recently took to his page to “educate” his fans and people in general that setting your mind on just bum bum would be a total disaster.

In his own words he said.

“if you’re a man and all you ever aspire for is bum bum, then you’re yet to start your life. Sit dow, have a rethink of your life and redirect your focus”

Niyi lawal dropped this engaging content on his Twitter page that immediately became a trend as people started deliberating on the statement.

Although some people reacted positively to the post, few were still ignorant to the message as they started to release negative replies to the man who started the tweet “Niyi lawal”

Well, we believe that this tweet was only put out for good and not for evil, but tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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