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1. Comparism

If you allow comparison to rule your life, it will sap your joy. Comparison results in hurried aims a sense of inadequate Unhappiness with life. Do this Include some acts of thankfulness in your morning/evening routine.

2. Comfort

Although you don’t have to jump off a cliff, you should move yourself closer to it. Comfort zone is the place where dreams die. Exercise this: Employ the 85% rule; learning is enhanced when 85% of the time is achieved.

3 . Quitting

Just by playing long enough, you’ll be able to outperform others. Quitting is the only way to ensure failure. Try it, Give your friend $100 and promise to stick with it. If you fail, they get to keep the money.

4. Multitasking

Half-concentrating results in half-assing. Whether it be by writing, reading, or viewing films. Do this: Put all of your attention on what you are doing.

5. Procrastination

Years have passed, No one has told you when to start running, you missed out. Don’t let waiting cause you to lose your life. Do this: spend five minutes on the task you’ve been putting off. Getting started is always the most difficult component of a process

6. Distraction

Do you divert your attention from the real world?

Is there ever a period when you are not listening to, watching, or absorbing some kind of information, excluding sleep?. Try it: Set aside two blocks of 15 minutes each day to do nothing. Zero inputs No diversion.

7. Complaining

Complaining may initially appear innocent, but it will train your mind to look for the bad in everything. Do this, Place a rubber band on your wrist for a week and snapping it each time you complain

8. Take Action

Don’t wait for ideal circumstances to begin. There are others with much lower qualifications than you who are living the life you desire. just because they did something. Do this: Take action when you have 70% of the information you wish you had, according to Jeff Bezos.

9. Your smartphone

There is a serious and harmful phone addiction. You anticipated it. Advice:

  • Offset your phone. before going to bed
  • Do not use it for one hour after waking up.

Your life will change right in front of your eyes.

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