Iba Local Council Development Area under the chairmanship of Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril, Abila organized a reconciliation retreat to address the grievances of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party members and aspirants in Iba Lcda and also to discuss way forward for the party in the Lga, and the upcoming general election. The reconciliation retreat happens to be the first ever reconciliation retreat to hold in any local government.

The retreat  had in total 35 participants; *Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril, Hon. Samuel  Thomas, Hon. Kazeem Makinde, Hon. Adekanmbi Taiwo, Hon. Mrs Ronke Manuwa, Hon. Muyibi Kadiri, Hon. Hassan Omobolaji Mustapha, Hon. Bakare Ibrahim Yomi, Hon. Ajanaku Saheed, Barr. Agbawi Adesoji, Hon. Olatunbosun Yakub, Hon. Suarau A.O, Hon. Aliu Ayinde, Hon. A.S Oriyomi, Hon. Isiaka A. Yaya, Hon. Obanla Rahman, Hon. Oyefolu Jamiu, Alh Niyi Alape, Hon. Ododo Kabir, Hon. Hassan S. Adewale, Hon. Rafiu O. Nurudeen, Hon. Rotimi Ademola Yusuf, Hon. Musa B. Yusuf, Pastor Mrs Aduku, Hon. Ipaye Ibrahim, Hon. Kolawole Ahmed, Hon. Ode Oluwafisayo, Hon. Mohammed Haruna, Hon. Saheed  Badru, Hon.  Shamsideen Olalekan, Hon. Adelola Adeyemi, Hon. Tijani Saheed, Comr. Kuku Mutiu, Barr. Tunde Lawal, Mr Sule Tolani

The Opening address was given by the Executive Chairman, Hon. Yisa Abiola  Jubril (Abila)* who declared the program open. Among the guest speakers was the *former LGA Party Chairman, Barrister Tunde Lawal who spoke on the topic, “The 2023 elections and the imperative of a united front for a successful victories”*. *Hon Tolani Sule (Olojo), Member of the governing council, Lasu and member of G-39 Ojo Federal Constituency spoke on the topic “Strategies for a successful election in 2023”*.


?The participants gave their complaints, and reservations which are:
?Party activities should not be seen as do or die
?Need for caution among party members to avert intra-party crisis
?Need for leaders to be united
?The Muslim-muslim ticket syndrome and way forward
?Poor performance of government (political office holders and appointees that leads to failed governance)
?Answering the questions of where, how and what is the problem in our various areas
?Identifying those creating problems in various communities
?Cautioning followers on how to relate with people within and outside the council
?Addressing the issues and complaint that aroused during the One Year anniversary of Hon Abila
?Importance of healthy and cordial interaction within and outside the various groups within the party
?Low turnout of political office holders and appointees at party Lga and ward meetings


?The recommendations raised at the retreat to tackle and solve the problems and complaints raised are:
?Political office holders need to be magnanimous in distributing dividends of democracy
?The need for synergy among party leaders in all segments
?The need for political office holders to work more effectively to achieve greater results for the party
?Constant engagement of members by the party leaders
?The need to strengthen unity and togetherness so as to enhance efficient  results
Supreme loyalty to the party
?Aspirants were advised to let go of their anger while making decisions for the sake of the party
?Proffer solutions to the major problems of the country
?Fixing the poor state of the economy in Iba Lcda
?Enhancing buying and selling activities within the local government
?Considering statistics of voters in Iba Lcda
?The need for minding faith based emotions
?Settling crisis within the party to avoid anti-party activities
?Considering metropolitan structure of Iba Lcda as an urban settling
?The need to be tolerant of each others’ views
?Application of technology to electioneering
?Need for introduction of an open campaign strategy
?Pre knowledge of voters in before election day
?Identifying influencers and their utilization in each communities e.g newspaper stands, social media, viewing centres e.t.c
?Effective usage of polling unit exco’s
?Departing from the common method of spending funds meant for elections
?Engaging in meaningful vote buying
?The need for continuity in the reconciliation process and extension to ward and zones
?Party members should endeavor to love each other genuinely
?The need for Iba Lcda to intensify efforts on every facet of growth and development
?Attendance of party activities especially meetings by all political office holders and appointees should be taken serious and fulfill their financial obligations
?Considering the G-13 leaders in subsequent empowerment programs to encourage inclusive governance
?Inclusion of all party members in decision making
?The need to ensure healthy relationship among leaders irrespective of groups and affiliations
?The need to intensify efforts on registered voters of each polling booth
?Strategies to be adopted in generating votes from other parties’ strong zones
?Need for aggrieved party members to be pacified
?The council chairman in conjunction with other stakeholders should appoint party members as SSA
?Fellow aspirants should be considered whenever opportunity arises

?The council should put in place various disbanded committees, by so doing party members should be considered.


The executive chairman and convener of the reconciliation retreat, Hon Abila affirmed that precautionary measures and recommendations raised will be strictly implemented. He went on to appreciate all admonishments, and recommendations, assured the gathering that all shall be look into and amendments shall be made.
Hon Abila urged everyone present to take note of all issues raised at the gathering. He also implored everyone to take all corrections in good faith and work tirelessly towards the success of the party, while reminding everyone that APC is their baby and it is the duty of all members to contribute towards its activities morally and financially.


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