Corpse Kidnapped by Unknown Gunmen En Route to Burial Site


In a shocking incident that has left residents of Ameze Owerre in Umabor community, Enugu, bewildered, unknown gunmen have reportedly kidnapped both a corpse and family members transporting the remains of a deceased individual to his country home.

According to eyewitness accounts, the harrowing ordeal unfolded as the bereaved family made their somber journey from Lagos to Ameze Owerre to lay their loved one to rest. It was on this journey that armed assailants ambushed the procession, wielding guns and wielding terror upon the unsuspecting mourners.

The brazen abduction took place at Umuoka in the Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State, where the gunmen intercepted the vehicle carrying the deceased and his grieving family members. Eyewitnesses reported that the kidnappers, with callous disregard for human decency, seized the vehicle along with its occupants, which included the deceased’s family and the driver.

In a disturbing turn of events, the kidnappers have since made contact with the distraught family, demanding an exorbitant ransom of N50 million for the safe release of both the hostages and the deceased’s remains. The family, reeling from the shock and trauma of the incident, now finds themselves thrust into a desperate struggle to secure the release of their loved ones and ensure the proper burial of their deceased relative.

The community of Ameze Owerre, already shaken by the audacity and cruelty of the crime, now waits with bated breath as authorities scramble to apprehend the perpetrators and bring an end to this nightmarish ordeal. Meanwhile, the fate of the kidnapped family members and the dignity of the deceased hang in the balance, as the specter of violence and lawlessness casts a dark shadow over this once peaceful enclave.

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