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Creating A Verbal Intimacy With Your Partner

It’s not funny how lot of people find it difficult creating verbal intimacy with their partner in a relationship.

This single act of neglection while dating have done to some marriages more harm.

If you are in a relationship, heading to the alter soon and you are not ready to talk to your partner everything about something then you shouldn’t think of saying I do yet, it is dangerous.

Aside from knowing each other personality differences, another key to any successful relationship is verbal intimacy.

Communication is the bedrock of a successful relationship, the more you communicate, the more you get to know more about each other and build this verbal intimacy together.

Both partner must have the ability to share with themselves verbally on a deep and intimate level.

Talk about everything on something together.

Talk about everything attached to your soon to be future together

last time I check I don’t think talking about sex related matter with your partner in a relationship is a sin, dont be too holy to discuss matters that might affect your marriage.

Share together your fears, Share together your joy

Share together your dreads, Share together your inner experience etc

All these are great way to learn about the interior of your potential partner.

Neglecting the benefits of verbal intimacy, many partners are complete strangers to themselves, please what are they partnering?

Don’t be too busy for verbal intimacy, you must make space for it.

For verbal intimacy to grow and flourish, you must make time for it, make time for a long walk, make time for a quite dinner etc.

A relationship can start without verbal intimacy, It can continue for months and sometimes years without either partner giving time or consideration to verbal intimacy benefits.

But the fact is over time, the relationship will go flat and lose it spontaneous excitement, unless both partners commit to enhancing their verbal intimacy.

Create this communication bond with your partner, build a verbal intimacy that makes your partner first to share your thoughts, experiences and feelings with.

(C) Florence Olugbodi.

To a love filled and healthy relationship

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