Curry allegedly tries to convince Durant to join warriors

Curry allegedly tries to convince Durant to join warriors

July 15, 2022 0 By

Kevin Durant has been in the rumor mills recently as the future of the nets star has been in question. Several teams have shown interest in him because obviously he’s a legend of the game. But one of the most recent is his former team, the golden state warriors.

“A league source says Curry has reached out several times to Durant, eager to improve his chances of winning a fifth championship and surpassing LeBron James.” – Ric Bucher

Curry has also come out so say something concerning Durant’s move to the warriors in an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area.

The rumour mill and all that stuff is part of the nature of the NBA and league
You take it for what it is. You know how quickly things can change, but I like where we’re at.”

Durant who has some years on his contract has been met with opposition from the nets and Adams silver. Commissioner Adams silver has expressed his opposition to players requesting trades, especially when they still have years in contract.

Whether Durant will go or stay with the Nets or leave is still in question. On the other hand, his teammate kyrie Irving looks like a likely trade option for Lakers.

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