Davido and chioma are back together?

Davido and chioma are back together?

August 27, 2022 0 By

Davido And Chioma Are Back?

Love is a beautiful thing isn’t it?. I think Davido and Chioma would know a little more about that as it seems to be that the “Chivido’s are back.

Superstar singer Davido recently took to his IG story a picture that was taken in the singers Rose Royce. Okay that normal right? But things got a little interesting

In the picture, we could clearly see the fabric of the Rose by that wasn’t all. The picture also held a red bag in it. Now we could have just said this could belong to any female but no. That same day, during an event, the mother of Davido’s son was spotted with that same red bag. Now that’s interesting

Since then, rumors have being going all over the place, asking, are Davido and Chioma back?

Although were not yet a 100% sure, I think we should leave it to the love birds to officially break the silence and mystery. Stay tuned for me entertainment news. Bye!!!

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