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Davido spotted at McDonalds in disguise

Davido Spotted At McDonald’s

The Nigerian artiste Generally known as “Davido” was spotted at McDonald’s by 5:37 am today.

According to Davido’s lawyer, it was confirmed that Davido was truely at the McDonald’s restaurant in Amsterdam.

Davido’s lawyer “Prince Bobo Ajudua” explains  to us what really happened. He said “the singer was hungry early in the morning and only McDonald’s was available to pick his call”. I guess McDonald’s the place to be now.

Although going in, Davido tried to keep a low profile so he could escape the paparazzi as he was covered in a black hoodie, but that wasn’t enough for the singers fans as some people were still able to recognize him despite all the cover ups.


Davido at McDonald
Davido at McDonald

The event made the whole McDonald’s happy as fans as well as workers reached in to take pictures and videos.

Davido went on to share some photo’s on his IG story. He said ” Lmao, if you’re burger is delayed in McDonald’s at central Amsterdam rn. This is why @Davido. They’ve all abandoned kitchen.”

The superstar went on to take more pictures with his fans and this made the people of Amsterdam, especially the people at McDonald’s at that very moment happy.

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