Falz Is In Love
Afropop star Falz the bad guy shows how loving he can be to his girlfriend

The star recently took to his IG story a video of him and his mysterious girlfriend. The video held falz in it as well as the legs of his lady friend, mysterious lady friend

The couple were out on a date relaxing and catching cruise as usual, they seems so relaxed and happy. In the video, Falz was seen kissing the legs of his girlfriend, which is so romantic

More interesting news on Falz was when he eventually posted another video where he was washing her undies, hmmm

As social media would have it, comments started going here and there as people praised Falz for his show of affinity

It’s good to know that love still exists on earth cause that’s literally one of the reasons we were created, to love one and other, and to love God

Anyways, there you have it… stick around for more entertainment news. Have a good day!!!


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