Freshers, Things you need to know about second semester: by Comr Omoba22


It seems like just yesterday school was starting, but it’s already time for second semester. Starting a new semester of school can be both refreshing and a little nerve-wracking.

It is important to know that you’re already halfway done with the school year; don’t let yourself slack now.

In this case, it’s incredibly important that you stay motivated and on top of things in the second semester so that you finish the year strong!

Things to know about second semester.

  1. Short weeks for lectures.

Before second semester starts, know your class schedule inside out! Know which courses you’re signed up to take and think about the level the difficulty and amount of work they will be. So it’s important to attend every classes scheduled, don’t skip even when you don’t want to. Skipping class is just throwing points away, so make it a priority to attend every class.

  1. Different semester/ schools activities.

Second semester is know for it’s short weeks for lectures because of the activities that take place during the semester;

A. Departmental and SUG ( Student Union Government) Week.

It is a fun week filled with various activities which varies across department such as Welcome back to school, sports day, rally, cultural day, symposium, talent show, literary and debating competition, and prize given.

i. FYB (Final Year Brethren) week, for the finalist.

This apparently brought back the memories of secondary schools days, and of course the feeling of triumph and enthusiasm with a journey of few years set to end for a new life to begin in a world awaiting them.

B. Rector’s cup.

The rector’s cup competition is an avenue to promote sportsmanship and oneness in the institution, attracting students to a healthy lifestyle and systematic sports, as well as getting to know the institution, its specialties, traditions, sports achievements. It is to identify new and talented players who will represent the institution.

C. Election

The Departmental election and the Student Union election happens after or before the second semester examination, where there would be a change in power and different candidates will be voted into various offices to keep sailing the ship of each department and the whole student populace at large.

By prepping early and keeping an open mind, you can make second semester the most successful yet! Within a few weeks, I almost guarantee that you’ll settle into a new routine that you will grow to be very comfortable with.

Good luck!

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