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-Goke Is Ok finally opens up

Hon. Taofik can’t equate himself to BTO

-Chatting with one of the Akoko young political chap, Publisher/CEO Akoko Celebrity Magazine and The Vision Magazine, Journalist Hon. Olagoke Lawrence Adeyanju, Akoko 1st son (Goke Is Ok) the SDP assembly candidate in Akoko Northwest Constituency 2 of Ondo State in the just concluded Ondo Assembly Poll.

Hear him as he speaks extensively on his sour experience in the assembly election held on March 18th, 2023.


Why did you leave APC for SDP?

Thank you my brother from Spyconnet blog for coming to me to have an opportunity to speak to the world on what I encountered in my last political outing.

Let me first and foremost give God all the glory for the gift of life today.

Permit me go straight to your question. Externally, outwith any form of political enticement from any camp, I left APC because my Oke-Irun people assembly ticket and chance was cunningly denied under the party. I’m not a coward.

And of course, my voice wasn’t heard in the party due to some stronger hands that was working against me in the party all for their egocentric appetites.

They weren’t happy about my political upsurge, rising and influence in the party which was giving some of them sleepless night. They have forgotten that God determines the future and gives power.

Sincerely, APC is a party that I so much admire with great fire in my belly but there are some political cabal in the party whose major task is to block my golden opportunity and frustrate my efforts in the party.

These bad eggs are the ones giving our indefatigable state chairman Engr Ade Adetimehin some wrong informations about me to gain favour and to bring me down before him because they knew that the ebulient and amazing state chairman has a special interest in me for effective service and productivity in the state.

Technically, they didn’t give me breathing space to demonstrate my own leadership qualities for the state to enjoy. But in the book of Psalm 11 verse 3 says:- if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? They should take this verse to their laboratory of consideration for the sake of posterity.

At the same time, let me also use this very opportunity to specially thank God for His divine protection over me, my family and my entire political supporters. I salute you all for your natural love and support towards my political career so far.

Glory be to the Most High for where He has taken me from, to where I am today and to where He is taking me to.

In addition to that, let me clear and correct some mischievous notion that I didn’t detest Hon.Taofik Mohammed as person or APC as party as some quarter might viewing it but because of the special interest that I have for our state constituency’s agreement of rotation in Akoko Northwest 2. This form my sudden move. Though I still love and reap APC as a party.

I can never and will never be in support of any injustice, cheating and unfaithfulness. Hon.Taofik can’t equate himself to Hon. BTO in any circumstances. The difference is clear! People gave our MHR their compensation votes base on his credible performance. That is it.

What is your experience in just concluded assembly election?

Obviously, It will interest you to hear me say this for the first time to the entire world how it was during the struggle as a candidate who doesn’t have a political godfather. Some were of their own opinion that I failed my election because I don’t have a single godfather in Akoko Northwest Constituency 2 politics. That in the assembly race, I was the majority choice, most popular candidate, suitable, right, sound and productive. Just imagine!
Sighed! I will tell you the good reasons behind that.

Let me tell you the secrets why I don’t have anointed leader among them here. I took all our political leaders in Akoko Northwest as mentors and benefactors because I don’t have enemy among them. I relates well with all of them. We have good rapport. Just that when political game started people starts denying or declining long time relationship. Truth be told, they are all good people to me except the solipsist among them.

Prior to now, I had in one way or the other worked closely with all of them. I am their political son anytime.

My brother everything works with time in life. That is the way I see it.

If I don’t have leader here doesn’t mean I don’t have at all. I have my mentors in politics, journalism as profession, technocrat caliber and business tycoon in the society. I can only make you leader if you’re not mischievous in nature. I cherish a leader who doesn’t accommodate side talk, backbiting or treacherous in nature and who’s very considerate and have full knowledge and understanding.

I have started playing consistent and active politics in Akoko Northwest Constituency 2 since 2011 up to date.

To clear your doubt, during Hon. Fatai Adam’s days as honorable member in the state house, I actively played my own part to the system to support him. Alhaji Fatai Adams ought to have been my favorite among them all because he is the one who introduced me into active politics far way back then and he has been good to me. I go for him.

Can we talk about the administration of my leader Hon Joseph Aladetimehin, we were together then. I contributed wholeheartedly in no small measure base on my own capacity to his sound administration then.

During the days of my own boss Hon.Olumide Araoyinbo, I gave him my full support as well.

The whole world can as well attest to how I supported the administration of our own outgoing MHA Hon. Taofik Mohammed. I do tell him that Oke-Irun is coming immediately after his 4years. And that he should remember Oke-Irun’s turn because it is good to say the truth.

Though most times, truth is very bitter to the ear. People don’t like us often when we say the truth that is why am always a last man standing in struggle.

Some of those we called leaders this days are too greedy with their solipsistic approach. A leader that you want to choose as a mentor who is still aiming position that should be meant for his followers. How can such a chivinistic leader allow you to accomplish your goal or grow under his watch? I still wonder!

In short, I had a very good and ugly experience in the race. Infact this my just concluded assembly aspiration made me to know the real side of people, nature and life itself.

Politics has taught me that you shouldn’t trust anybody. They can disappoint you at any point in time.

In politics, I have learned that people doesn’t buy the good product. Though I didn’t regret any of my action and everything work for good for me at the end of the day. I didn’t regret coming out. And of course, I appreciate both the praises and criticism. I have come to realize that since criticism is one of the onions of politics, so I bothered not whatever anybody say about me neither good or bad. Any leader that failed to tolerate criticism is not worth be a leader.

In my last election, I can say I am the most focused and bullied candidate in my constituency and I tolerated it as a leader since it is part of the system. Some selfish power seekers are behind that. They used my ambition behind me to negotiate in which I had no knowledge of it at all.

Let me correct some wrong impressions in my state constituency, I didn’t take part in any negotiation anywhere nor at any fora to withdraw for our outgoing MHA. They were just using my aspirations behind me to watering their own desperate ambition.That is the other side of politics that I was talking about. Thank God today I came out unblemished .

No matter the experience, good or bad I can’t give discouragement any prime chance because politics is a game that I have developed great passion for. So I see my assembly race as zero sum game .

Can I mention the huge resources that we have invested into this assembly project since 2018 to 2023?
I just believe that no amount of effort is wasteful.

See, the people that I relied upon were those that worked against me convinently all for their selfish interest .The holy bible made me to understand that, the enemy of everyone comes from his household and Joseph’s brothers sold him because of enviness and this act made them to suffer a lot until they found him again. This is very similar case to mine during my struggle time.

Regrettably, some selfish politicians from my ward were the ones that used my ambition behind me to mislead the general public that I withdrew for one inordinate ambition which I didn’t take part in any meeting with them anywhere. They just wanted to use that yardstick to weaken me. Unknowingly, this politically misleading information came to me as rude shock on the dawn of the election. You can see evil people with their evil minds and political game. God has put them to shame for me today.

“Arise, Lord! Deliver me, my God! Strike all my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked.
Psalms 3:5‭-‬7″

Okeirun has won landslide and the victory has come to stay because It is our turn! At last, I have achieved my aim that our rotational agreement in Akoko Northwest 2 must stand. My brother, that is my political perception throughout that election time.

Initially, though PDP has picked their assembly candidate before my emergence under SDP as candidate. But my believe is that two heads are better than one. If all of us combined efforts together the result will be positive. If you go through all my campaign tours my emphasis based on Okeirun Agenda.

What is your next step politically or you’re no longer having any interest in politics again?

How would I lose interest in politics? I can’t.

Let me say this to the whole world once more, politics is a game that I so much adored with all sense of humour.

At the same time, I can’t leave politics because if I do many of our youths shall be discouraged.

Ask me why, I am the political mentor to many of our youths. I am like their touchlight in politics. I sought way for them; I can remember this day vividly in 2019 when I first launched my assembly ambition under MPN as the candidate of the “Not Too Young To Run”. Some of these our youths then criticized me that youth of my age wasn’t meant to contest for house of assembly position. As God will have it today, it is a joy for me that those that am older than in age are now nursing assembly ambition. You can see that I am a silent achiever in politics.

I can confidently say it without shaking, I gave many of these youths that you are seeing today aiming for one political position the courage to do so.

Incredibly, I am happy today that youths are now gradually taking the space. They have woke up from their slumber to take what belongs to them.
That’s the beauty of it.

Let me go over to your question again, for now, I want to pursue my private life.

Although whenever the event of politicking arised in my state I will surely get myself involve to contribute the little I think I can do just when the opportunity is being given to me in any capacity in government.

What is your advise to the MHA elect?

With all sincerity, let me first and foremost congratulate the MHA elect for his victory. He is a friend, brother and cousin.

He should just see his winning as divine one. It is never by any of his political might but time. “The race wasn’t won by the fastest runner but God’s grace”.

Politics aside, my golden advice for him as cousin is to use his position to build his name in areas of quality representation.

Also, my candid advice goes thus; our honorable elect, this is your own time, use it judiciously to deliver good governance for your state constituency. You should never take a useful advice from praise singer. And don’t see your opposition as your enemy. To succeed, you must run an inclusive administration.

I am indeptly happy for your victory my newest honorable. Count on my full support during this your reign!

What is your message to the upcoming young politicians?

As one of you, I will just advice them to build themselves for the future. They should never allow any desperate politician to use them as tool against the peace of the land.

You shouldn’t make yourself available to be used against our fellow brothers. We should be your brother’s keeper.

With irreversible promise, I won’t stop advocating for your liberty whenever I have the chance.
Actually, we worked towards the same goal. In conclusion, let me appreciate your support given to me throughout my trying time. You’re a wonderful generation. Thank you.
I love you all!

Your message to the entire Constituents?

I am delighted and appreciated your support during my campaign across the constituency. The embrace and support given to me was so overwhelming I must commend you.
I am still coming in the nearest future.

I didn’t withdraw from the race. All these fabricated rumors were the work of some political solipsistics whose plans was to weaken my aspirations at all cost being the most popular candidate you chose to vote for.

To me, there is always another day and time ahead of us. I have no regret coming out to prove myself that I can as well do it. Your prayer and incensant support on me will yield when the time finally comes.

Thank you .

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