Nothing hurts the average Nigerian more than losing money to fraud. It hits differently when they lose their money through fake bank alerts. That means someone played on their intelligence and stole from them. That hurts. Here are a few pointers to note to avoid being a victim of fake bank alerts.

The advent of a cashless policy is a good one. Cash-less Nigeria, according to Wikipedia, is a policy established in the year 2012 by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb excesses in the handling of cash in the Nigerian federation. It prescribed cash handling charges on daily withdrawals above five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000.00) for individuals and three million Naira for corporate bodies (N3, 000,000.00). The policy was enforced not to eliminate the use of cash but to reduce the volume of cash in circulation.

Let’s take a look at how to detect a fake bank alert transfer payment.

  1. Check your email
    Check your email that is linked to your bank – the one that is registered with your bank.

If you don’t have an email for bank alerts, then you can open one and link it to your account to help you clear your doubts about the financial transaction that took place.
With this email, you also get access to your bank statement and your account balance, all in your email.

Once you received the suspected bank alert, check your email source.

  1. Balance will not be credited
    This can be done using your bank USSD code or mobile banking app, you can also check your account balance through internet banking or an ATM machine. A fake bank alert will never reflect in your account balance or statement.
  2. Check the credit alert you received if it contains your available bank
    Fake bank alerts will not contain your available balance so you can easily detect the fake alert if your account balance does not reflect along with transfer payments done by your customers/buyers.
  3. Avoid clicking on links that request your bank account details or give out your bank information to strangers either via email, phone call or online platform. Be warned and stay safe.

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