July 2, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

We met on Facebook.

Yeah, the friendship that led to this love and union began from Facebook.

2018 was the Year.

She sent me a message inbox concerning a story series I was writing then on my time line, I had failed to post the latest episode, and she sent me a message

“Mr Musa” the message began..

I didn’t reply the message till 2 days later, chai, so na so I for take miss my wife for this life.

Please be checking your DM and replying your messages oh. Your life partner may be in there.

We started chatting, exchanged numbers and moved from messenger to whatsApp.

After a while, we became good friends, and she became one of my Moderators and Admins on my whatsApp and Facebook group, Relationship Heartbits.

We were still just friends even as of 2020. I had no idea I would one day be marrying her.. None.

You all remember the post I did about how I was led to return to Port Harcourt by the Lord, I had to voluntarily resign from my Job in Benin, Edo State (I have a better job now by the way) and relocate to Port Harcourt in obedience to God’s leading, though I had no idea why Port Harcourt.

It was when I relocated to Port Harcourt in 2020, that I finally met her physically for the first time.