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Prince Joseph Kayode Aladesuyi popularly known as Jotina, is an Irun Akoko born entrepreneur, philanthropist, seasonal politician and prosperous farmer.

In this hot seat interview by Journalist Olagoke Adeyanju with him at his Akure resident, he shed light on his political journey so far, his chairmanship aspiration and others


We learnt that you are joining the chairmanship race in Akoko Northwest. How true is it?

Honestly, let me first and foremost appreciate your media support which you have been rendering for us in Akoko towards the projection of the land and her people.

Yes. Let me come back to your question. It is a realistic fact that I am eyeing the number one seat of Akoko Northwest Local Government in the forthcoming Ondo Local Government Poll coming December 2023. Infact, my ward has been denied of their constitutional right politically being marginalized since 1991 till date. So I see myself as somebody that can fight the cause. I am effectively capable and sufficiently productive, first among equal to become the next executive chairman in Akoko Northwest in order to bring on board my useful experience in management of human resources and agricultural landscale to facelifting our prestigious local government to a cynosure of an eye.

Sincerely, if you take critical look at our local government very well you will absolutely discovered that we are mostly agrarian society. So the local government must govern by somebody who will know where to come in for her quick intervention.

In actual fact, I am a professional farmer. I want to bring those my lucrative experiences in agricultural sector to facilitate youth empowerment with other forms of opportunities available in government to our people in their respective wards if God willing. This and many other unavoidable reasons behind my availability to serve in that capacity.

More so, I also discovered that my people are suffering in the face of surplus by lacking of some basic social amenities and I think all these can be provided if we have the right person like me in the position.

Though I didn’t say that I am the most perfect man on earth but with my wealth of experience in public space we will try our best beyond any man’s imagination in giving better leadership at the council.

Under which political party are you running the race?

Of course under my formidable APC the greatest and largest party in Africa for now.

I am a strong and active member and as well, stakeholder in the party.

That is the party I am contesting my election, as God willing we are going to win.

What is your stand in the party?

Thank you. This is a million dollar question that deserve a truthful response. Yes. I have a good stand and relationship with all the leaders of the party starting from the state, down to the local government, ward and unit. I’m well known in the party.

“Odu niwa a o kii s’aimo foloko rara.”

As a matter of fact, all politics are local. So we are locally and state widely recognize in the party. We are much ready and prepared very well for the race.

Though the race is not going to be for the fastest runner but God grace. With God on our side, we are going to conquer and win.

What has been your contribution to the party in your locality?

The Holy Bible says; “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose. “

Good! Like I told you earlier on that all politics is local. Ever since I joined this progressives platform I have been majorly contributing my little quota to the progress of the party in order to strengthen the winning chances of the party in my ward and unit financially and God has been helping us in that regard. To build confidence, this contributions are noted by my ward. It can also be verified from my unit leaders and ward leaders as well.

Are you one of those in the political school of thought that Odo-irun Ward 8 must produce the number one seat for Akoko Northwest?

With all sincerity my brother and for the sake of fairness, justice, equity and balancing, I strongly believe that the chairmanship position of Akoko Northwest should come from Odoirun/Oyinmo Ward 8. This is not because I am contesting from the said ward but for the sake of equality in politics of fair sharing.

For instance, if you look at our local government history you will rightly agreed with me that it is our turn now because we have not in anytime produced the executive chairman or caretaker.

My question is this, are we no longer part of the ward in Akoko Northwest because this political enslavement is nothing but parochialism and denial of one’s constitution right. This is becoming unbearable for us as a legitimate ward.

For a clear evidence the two constituencies that made the local government when one is done with their own turn it is surely going to the second constituency. Presently the seat is occupying by constituency 1 saddled by a workaholic chairman, Elder Ayodele Akande from Oyin/Oge ward 3.

So it has to be zoned to constituency 2 and if it’s get to here, truthfully Odoirun Ward 8 need to be considered because Ogbagi have had the opportunity seven times to produced chairmen for the local government. They are; Hon. Felix Ogunmilade Aboy as executive chairman. Caretakers regime was also held sway by Ogbagi under the following leaders, Hon. Tope Adebambo, Hon. Felix Oguntimehin, Hon. Sesan Kumuyi, Hon Kolade simultaneously. And Okeirun Ward 7 has also produced theirs during Hon. Ganny Dauda regime as executive chairman . Ese/Afin has also presented both caretaker and executive chairman for the local government under Hon. Joseph Aladetimehim aka Ese City. Why marginalized Odoirun Ward 8? We are clamouring for our own political right under the electoral law.

For fairness, time is now to fight this political denial of right since we have equal right under the Ondo State electoral constitution.

It is only us that has never been given the opportunity to govern. The truth must be told, we are not a second class ward in Akoko Northwest. After all, we have some vibrant and educationally sound sons and daughters in the ward that can push thing positively for the greatness of the local government.

Either caretaker or executive seat, it would only be normal if the leadership of our great party APC both at the local government and state to concede the chairmaship position of this local government to Odoirun/Oyinmo 8 for equity, fair play and justice.

Realistically, even our governor is an advocate of zonning. I vividly know that our father Aketi Mr. Talk and Do will listen to our ward’s yearning of chance. Our governor is a good listener. He is always at the fore front to fight for the oppressed.

And more so, we have some capable hands like me in that ward that can steer-ship the local government to a greater Height.

I had my first degree in animal science. My master in business administration. And of course, I have attended so many seminars here and oversee as plus to my competency which can be useful for the betterment of my people if given the opportunity to serve. Diligently I promise to deliver good governance. I will run people’s friendly administration in the office. As you can see it now that I am more than capable to be in that position from Odoirun ward 8.

At the same time, what stand me out among the other contenders on ground is that I am a proficient farmer. You can agree with me that Farmer is the father of any nation. My political experience is equally another feather to my cap.

Let me make this boastful revelation that , I’m an employer of labour. In this regard, I have engaged so many of our youths. I am manager of men.

Though I’m not a professional politician but professionally in politics. That is me for you. So, I have a second address.

I’m formerly a civil servant but I resigned my appointment in April 2006 to face my farm business squarely. I have garnered alot of useful experiences that I will utilize if emerged towards the development of my people especially our jobless youths, giving empowerment to our women, artisan and physical challenged people will not be left out in my government.

What is your relationship with stakeholders of the party in your locality?

Without being sugar coated, I have a good relationship with all the leaders of my party starting from the state to the ward level. Infact I have moved round the local government to consult many of our party leaders purposefully to inform them my good intention to run the chairmanship position. They all gave me their fatherly words, assurance and pledging their healthy support for me to the winning day.

They are wonderful leaders. I must commend them for this sterling leadership attributes. It is worthwhile I must say.

I have a good rapport with them all. They are my fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers and I’m their good son too.

What are the expectation of them from your government?
As God saith that;” Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. “

I have promised them all my best ability, capacity and quality leaderships in office.

Let me also reassure them again that they should expect transparency, honesty, hardwork in my administration to better their lives.

They will be proud of my administration if I am luckily emerge in the election.

With all manner of good terms, I promise that I will implement many program that will make them feel proud that they actually chosen rightly.

Your message to them?

My earnest message to my good people of Akoko Northwest most especially APC leaders across all the ten wards, the party excos to the unit level that, I Prince Joseph Kayode Aladesuyi popularly known as Jotina is officially hereby using this opportunity again to inform you that I am contesting the chairmanship position in our local government. I will need your unalloyed support and cooperation.

I am appealing to everyone that will play a key role in electing the next chairman in Akoko Northwest to put me at heart as your suitable and sole candidate.

And I promise that I will not disappoint you all.

You are welcome sir?

Thank you very much.

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