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-Ogbohunekun Assures AKNELG People

Engr. Ogbohunekun Adeleke is the strongest and leading APC chairmanship aspirant in Akoko North East Local Government Area of Ondo State.

In this tee up interview by Media Personality, Olagoke Adeyanju of Akoko Celebrity Magazine.

Ogbohunekun Adeleke talked extensively about his gustatory modality of political experiences, solution to Akoko North East problems, and many other mouth watering stories for your reading pleasure.


In brief sir, can we meet you?

As you rightly said that it should be briefly subscribed. Yes! My names are Hon. Engr. Ogbohunekun Adeleke Hakeem from Olukare Royal Dynasty in Ikare Akoko, Akoko Northeast Local Government of Ondo State.

I am a product of the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State where I had my OND/HND Certificate in Mining Engineering. Our major works are road construction, supply of machine equipment for quarry operation, building, installation of all types of crushing plants etc.

In my entire life, I never for once work under government as civil servant. I’m a self made man.

I have worked in so many organizations in respect to my profession like Precious Mines and Mineral Processing Company Limited in Kwara State as assistant Quarry Manager. Thereafter, I moved to the Ballester Mining Limited at Elegbeka Ifon as Engineer. From there I moved to Shepherd quarry in Kogi State as General Manager operator. Again, I worked with Patiffins Nigeria Limited as general manager and so many other reputable organizations.

To God be the glory we are still forging ahead.
That’s for a brief of it my lovely brother.

How has been the journey so far politically?

Thank you for this million dollars question. Well, in all, one need to appreciate God for the gift of life.

Let me first and foremost thank my almighty God for his divine grace over my life and that of my family. To be honest with you, we aren’t just started playing active politics. We have started like other experienced political gladiators of this generation by actively getting involve since 1999 to date especially during the chairmanship aspiration of one of my uncles Hon. Razak Adekanye of blessed memory under AD but because of the rulling party PDP in the state then we weren’t successfully in the ambition.

Hitherto, I can categorically tell you that I am a progressive to the core.

Based on the political instruction from our leaders up there, We actively joined force with Mimiko to rescue power from PDP then.

“Proverbs 17:17; A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”

For the pride of politics, we worked tirelessly for the emergence of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. I am a loyalist and hardcore supporter of Aketi in Ondo’s politics. Aketi is my political godfather. We are good together!

For public consumption, I am the former Ikado Ward 1 Chairman till this second regime of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and equally, the chairman of chairmen in the whole of Akoko Northeast during the first regime of Aketi.

As God would still have it, presently I am the financial secretary of APC in Akoko Northeast. Sincerely, I have God on my side I must proclaim it.

What actually brought your idea of jonning the local Government race?

Let me not pretend or hide this secret for you. The main reason I joined this struggle in the first place is for a fruitful mission to rescue my people.

In a clear of no doubt, when I look at the pitiable situation of my council and its people it really make me feel sober.

For an experience and administrative per excellence local government boss, one should be able to address the problems confronting his people to a bearable state. My brother, the situation of my people sometimes do gives me a sleepless night that my people are suffering in the face of surplus of which if we have a concerned leader there things will be fine. Invariably, those that have been there are not doing it rightly. In a realistic fact, what they suppose to do in that council are left untouched.

Obviously, there are lots of opportunities that are begging for competent and experience chairman in that capacity for the benefit of our people.

Let me sight an example, there is what we called a surface rent, if we have a workaholic chairman in that local government he will surely bring forth these opportunities in order to generate funds for the state and the local government. And as well, we have alot of quarry around that if we have a workable local government administration it will generate fund to the council and to the state purse for the betterment of all, if properly handled by a capable administrative as chairman.

We are hereby assuring our people that if I could have my way, we will make positive change and impact because my people deserves no less. I shall greatly perform and serve you voyagely well.

What has been the contribution you have made towards the development of your people before now?

May God continue to provide for us. Without mincing any word, when I never contest for any position we have been doing the little that we can within our reach to assist our people especially helping our widows, artisans, physically challenged people and our
productive youths. Reasonable number of our youths has been gainfully engaged through us. That is why you can find them around us because they noticed that I care about their future.

We have never one tasted any political position before but we have achieved in given sucour to the needy around us in our own little way. Infact whenever we see our people having challenges confronting them we do come to their aide.

In recent time, we took it up as one of our community responsiblity to repaired a damaged borehole at Ikado axis. When the call was reaching us we deemed it fit to assist our people so that they could have access to drinkable water. Today, they are thanking God through us. We have did many like that as plus to our credit. We have many vulnerable and brilliant students that we are paying their school fees who are from this local government. So, if we get to the Council by December, we will greatly develop our local government and its people if God willing.

As God liveth, we will not relent. We are also thanking God for the emergence of our prominent son Pastor Jide Ipinsagba as senator from our local government. Surely he will make tremendous contribution and speed development to us during his legislation at the senate. He need our prayers and support to succeed.

We shall complement and consolidate efforts to change the old narrative of “I’m less concerned” of some of our previous political office holders in our place.

Pastor Jide Ipinsagba has promised to facilitate so many gigantic developments to our senatorial district of which Akoko Northeast will not be left out.

What give you this confident that you will win the election?

One thing that I am very sure of is that, old political generation has completely gone to extinction of time whereby people are now having monopoly to freely voting for their choice candidates without being intimidated.

Now, we are in dire need of a chairman who will serve but not somebody that would defalcate our local government resources. A chairman that will serve us meaningfully is what we want. I believe so strongly that the people will decide their chairman.

They should allowed Akoko Northeast leaders to decide who they want. When the time comes, we are going to decide for ourselves because we know the best among us who can perform credibly well.

I want to appeal again to all Akoko Northeast political stakeholders not to allowed an outsider to choose for us during the primary because local government election should be determined by the people of that particular local government.

Let me re-emphasize that, they should allow Akoko Northeast local government people to decide who they want by themselves. We aren’t going to allow any outsider imposition on our local government. That is it.

But we learnt that a particular aspirant has been endorsed, is it true?

Though they wanted to try it but Akoko Northeast people rose up against it bitterly by saying “No To Any Imposement.” Just imagine in this political cybernetic generation of ours, it will make us look primitive if they just imposed somebody who can’t perform on us. It would spell doom for the better day ahead of us!

Though, our party APC local government chairman Hon. Saliu Mumunee has come out to debunk such shameful and ridiculous endorsement. He denied openly with his honest character, political affirmative statement and with his religious doctrine said that such endorsement hold no water. So, I rely on that because our local government APC is a honest man he can’t have hands in such impunity exercise no matter what. We know him as principled Muslim clergyman which his conscience can’t be childishly or corruptly bought by any desperate politician. Their family endorsement as they tagged it was ridiculous and childish. We are going to choose our chairman by ourselves when it is time by God grace.

Do you have any message to your party stakeholders and members?

Definitely yes. May God help us all. We have been telling our people that if we say local government election, it must be decided by local empire since local government authority is the closest to the local people. Why must it be determined or controlled by an abroad based political tyranny? It will not augur well at all. We must rise up to fight against it. Do not impose incompetent and impotent politician on us. We will do it ourselves.

For instance, how can somebody who is permanently living abroad want to administering a local government position because this position is only made for the people at the grassroot. I laugh in Ikare dialect sometimes, somebody who doesn’t know the name of his party chairman wants to govern us at the local level.

That is why our council people are clamouring for Engr. Ogbohunekun Adeleke as our anticipating executive chairman. If Ogbohunekun is there we are rest assure of his performance. That is the voice now across the local government. They said that he will be able to use his engineering knowledge and experiences to re-engineered our council for us.

To my fellow youth of Akoko Northeast, we are the brainbox of development in any society. Please I want you all to rally round me to victory. I promise that I will never let you down in all our responsibilities.

I am part of you. Trust me I will be at alert and answerable to all your request during my tenure.

I, Ogbohunekun Adeleke Hakeem is ready to serve you meaningfully, confidently sure of bringing a better administration if given the chance at the local government authority.

Thank you all and God bless

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