October 14, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

…….. Aare Teslim Idowu

My team and I spent about ten days in Ondo state in recent weeks, and I enjoyed the hospitality and kind gesture our host who is a top member of the state government accorded us on this particular trip.

It was a work trip but I had ample time to interact and engage with traditional stakeholders and the ordinary people in 8 local government areas outside of the capital city of Akure..

Aside from the warmth and goodwill from everyone I encountered on this trip, I was taken aback by the abandonment of some of the policies of the previous administration of the sunshine state. And particularly the free transportation scheme for secondary and primary school students everywhere in the state.

For whatsoever reasons, the Akeredolu administration discontinued this laudable scheme by his predecessor, and then left all of these buses which I am sure are worth billions of naira to rust away just like that.

Now to critically analyse this monumental wastage, let assume the previous administration bought 300 of these buses for the purpose of transporting primary and secondary school children in the state to school and back every day.

The benefits of the scheme are the following and more-

  1. 600 bus-driving jobs were created,
  2. 50 security jobs were also created to prevent vandals from damaging these buses when not in use
  3. Most importantly, thousands of ordinary schoolchildren were SAFELY transported every day in these buses
  4. Thousands of children were encouraged to join their mates in school because of the excitement and dignity of being driven in a bus to school

These four points and more are what this current state government is denying the great people of Ondo state. A minimum of 650 jobs were lost and more

If I were to be the governor of Ondo state, I will have prioritised education and everything concerning the educational sector of the state with all we have got. I mean, Ondo state is an oil producing state hence entitled to more financial benefits then other neighbouring southwestern States.

And if peradventure we are forced to discontinue the free transportation scheme, I would have kept those buses functional by mandating that those buses be converted into the mass transit system of the state. By so doing, we would have created more jobs and eased the movement of people within the state.

Dear Nigerians, good governance is not rocket science, we only need to have mindful people in power and then create a society where every one of us is actively involved in political issues. From electing the right people and then holding them responsible for the offices and trust bestowed on them.

2023 present us with another opportunity between life and death, between a government for a few or for all.
We don’t need to elect known criminals to stop crimes or drug lords to control drug trafficking

We can get it right. We must vote wisely

Credit: Aare Teslim Idowu (Facebook)

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