In my first year in school, while serving as the Honorable 2 of National Association of Marketing Students 18/19, I saw the need for a conversation to help my fellow fresh year students maximize their Polytechnic Experience.

Before this time, most fresh year students shuffled only between Classes, hostels, and some religious houses.

As a Freshman, I hosted a symposium that addressed the issues and gave insights into how valuable a Polytechnic experience is.

Since then, I have been a model of engaging in extra-curricular activities, spurring many to get involved, with many who have now taken firm ground both in the social and digital space.

Students are now key Social Actors, Digital experts, Tech inclined, and Content geniuses at an early stage.

Now, I want to take this beyond a few; I’m taking the message to the uppermost level of expression at my Institution.

The journey just got started.
With you, it just got started!
It is time for Revitalization!



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