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Imam Tussle: Clerics Urge Adeleke to Proceed with Caution

Muslim clerics from Inisa town in Osun State have raised concerns and appealed to Governor Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke to handle with caution the ongoing dispute surrounding the selection of a new chief imam for the Inisa Central Mosque.

Following the passing of the late chief imam of Inisa Central Mosque, a contentious issue emerged regarding the appointment of a successor, sparking a serious crisis within the community.

The dispute escalated to legal proportions, resulting in a legal battle under suit number HOS/88/2021 at the State High Court situated in Osogbo, the state capital. The court, in response, issued a restraining order against all contenders, prohibiting them from assuming the role of chief imam of Inisa Central Mosque.

Prominent clerics, Sheikh Tijani Abdulazeez-Kolawole and Sheikh Abdul-Rasaq Ahmad, have urged Governor Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke to respect and adhere to the court’s directive, which explicitly bars contenders from assuming the position of chief imam.

Sheikh Abdul-Rasaq Ahmad expressed his astonishment at the purported appointment of one of the contenders by the governor or government as the Chief Imam of Inisa Central Mosque, in defiance of the court order. He emphasized the importance of bringing this matter to the attention of the global community.

Similarly, Sheikh Tijani Abdulazeez-Kolawole voiced his dismay at witnessing the governor participating in prayers led by AbdulHakeem at the Inisa Central Mosque and endorsing him as the Chief Imam of Inisa, despite the explicit court order. He stressed the significance of highlighting the governor’s disregard for the court’s decision, particularly considering that it was the judiciary that validated his position as the duly elected governor of Osun State.

The situation remains tense as the community grapples with the fallout from the dispute, emphasizing the need for a resolution that respects both legal directives and community sentiments.

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