Is 5 Minute Normal For A Man?

Is 5 Minute Normal For A Man?

January 30, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Men are not programmed to last long in bed do not kill yourself because of slay queens. As long as you can last till 5 minutes you are okay.

Any time I open my social media the first thing I see is “D!ck enlargement, $exual enhancement” I have used it before but it was God that saved me when I started releasing blood. The side effects of all these medications are bad.

Even if you want to enlarge your d!ck or use enhancement I think it’s meant for married people.

Instead of wasting your money on unnecessary on this enlargement pls do regular exercise, gym and eat good food, reduce your sugar intake and trust me your $exual performance will improve.

Your d!ck size is normal either short or long fingers are not equal same as people so be okay with it.

Taking $exual enhancement is like digging your grave while you are still alive.

$exual intercourse is between 5-15 minute and anything above this is no longer normal.

If you die ontop of woman another man will continue from where you stop.

$ex does not worth dying for.