You’re A Fake 100% But It’s Not My Fight “Doyin Tells Groovy”

Bbn Naija level up star “Doyin” comes out to blast Groovy on Beauty’s disqualification. Not to long after Groovy was moved to the level one house, he engaged in a rather entertaining conversation with Doyin, giving her the chance to speak her truth.

Doyin made it clear to Groovy on how she sees him in a statement she made saying “I think you’re fake 100% but it’s not my fight”

Apparently Doyin was not pleased with the way Groovy was able to move on so quickly to another housemate when Beauty had just gotten disqualified due to some of her “insecurities”

If you’ve been watching the show I think you wouldn’t agree with me when I say beauty had some problems in the house because of our boy groovy

However, during the conversation Doyin talked about how Groovy was the reason for Beauty’s elimination. She said, “someone literally got disqualified because you were involved. She was losing her mind because of how much she liked you and then she left and you moved on to the next person, I think you’re a fake.”

After that had been said, Groovy replied her, in his defence, telling her how he had nothing to do with Beauty’s disqualification. He also talked about how beauty put him in a bad place and that he didn’t really have anything to hold on to in the “relationship”

Doyin found this statement really unpleasant and she saw it has excuses. She said “what you felt was not real, what she felt was real, she put this opportunity on the line for you and then she left and you moved on to the next housemate and honestly, I hope she doesn’t fuck with you when we leave this place. Everything she was insecure about, you have proven.”

Well there you have it guys, do stick around for more entertainment news. Enjoy your day.


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