Lady Recounts Scary Flight Experience

Lady Recounts Scary Flight Experience

October 29, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

A Nigerian lady named Marlene Onyeocha, has taken to her Facebook page to share her experience on a British Airways flight going to London from Abuja.

She shared her experience on her Facebook page on Friday.

The lady said that the journey from Abuja to London took them 11 hours instead of six and half hours.

Narrating the reason they spent longer hours, she said that they flew from Abuja to Lagos to pick the pilot who is supposed to fly the plane because the pilot refused to sleep in Abuja due to the recent security alerts issued by US, UK.

She said, “I first have to thank the Almighty for journey mercy then tell my experience with my so called favorite airline British Airways. It was surposed to be a six and half hour flight from Abuja to London but it took almost 11hrs.

“Left Abuja on time 8.05 but because according to the airline, due to security alert in Abuja, the pilot refused to sleep in Abuja. Don’t ask me who flew the plane to Lagos. With all passengers on board, we had to fly to
Lagos to pick up the pilot.”

Credit: Facebook | Marlene Onyeocha