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Lagos to inaugurate 30yr Devt Plan

Lagos State is set to launch its 30 years (2022-2052) development plan even as it assured that the commencement of the fourth mainland bridge project is near. The plan will be formally unveiled at the 2022 Ehingbeti, the State’s flagship economic summit scheduled for October.

The State disclosed this stakeholders’ engagement held yesterday in Lagos.

Speaking at the pre-summit stakeholders’ engagement yesterday, the state commissioner of Planning and Budget, Mr Sam Egube, stated: “We are indeed happy that this year’s Ehingbeti would be an Ehingbeti that is laced with a lot of celebration as we shall be launching the Lagos State Development Plan 2022-2052.

“Now Lagos is a city of plans and this particular plan is a roll on plan from the 15 year plan that was supposed to close out in 2025 but because of the major changes that have happened in the global stage, which has also happened to Nigeria, we felt it was important to renew and refresh this plan and to think in a longer term horizon to deliver for Lagos a long term plan that is practical, that is current and that will deliver the vision of Lagos to be a global financial hub that is safe, that is secure and that is productive.

“So this meeting is to announce that Ehingbeti is coming again, October 11 to 12, 2022 to celebrate that plan and to give account again to Ehingbeti as a summit to what Lagos has done with all the resolutions that we have had.”

Egube noted that the rail project, deep sea port, agriculture programme for youths were birthed from resolutions made at Ehingbeti and that some of the projects were on their completion stage.

He added, “The rail project, the blue line, the red line and the entire transportation master plan were resolutions that came out of Ehingbeti.

“When we talk about the empowerment programme to be able to position agriculture in the mind of our youths were things that were delivered also out of Ehingbeti.’’


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