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In an online teaching I held last month about the things that people in a relationship need to discuss, among the things I mentioned is their likes and dislikes. In other words, dos and don’ts.

In that teaching I said, “Every one of us has something we like and something we don’t like. There are things that piss us off and there are things we’re cool with”. This is a true saying.

For some guys,

They don’t like their ladies hanging out with opposite $ex even if nothing is attached.

They don’t like their ladies calling guys endearment names like my love, my sweet love, my sweetheart, boo, dear, dearie, etc.

They don’t like their ladies giving out their numbers to every guy that asks or doesn’t ask for it

The same with some ladies. They don’t like these things either. In fact one complained to me about it recently.

Why does knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes important?

Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes, his or her dos and don’ts will help you a lot in your relationship. In fact, it will make your relationship easy and simple. It will simplify your relationship.

When you know what your partner likes, all you need to do is to keep doing that and as long as you continue doing that, you won’t have any problem with him or her. Peace shall reign.

When you know what your partner doesn’t like, all you have to do is to avoid those things because as long as you keep doing things, you guys will continue to have problems.

How do you know your partner’s likes and dislikes?

  1. Ask:
    Simply ask he or she. Ask about their likes and dislikes. This is actually the easiest way.
  2. Observe:
    Sometimes people don’t voice out their pleasures or displeasures that’s why you need to be observant. Observe his or body language, actions etc., when certain things happen.
  3. Listen:
    Most of the time, people are known through their words. Words, often gives a clue to what a person likes or doesn’t like. So, listen to your conversations with the person. What is the tone of his or her voice like when you do or say something? Listen
  4. What does he or she nag about all the time?
    When complain and nag when we don’t like something someone said or did to us. What are the things that make your partner to nag, take of them and make necessary adjustments.

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