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By Prince Wellington Oriade Crown

The recent fallout from the April, 2024 Ondo State APC Governorship primary was undeniably a trying period for the ruling party in the Sunshine State. While it had generated a lot of bad blood between hitherto political stalwarts and their loyal teeming followers, it had also allowed a few individuals to step to the fore regarding the ideals of party supremacy, political alliances, personal interests, long-term political permutations and yes, a heavy dose of the humble medicine.

After H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa was declared winner of the keenly contested primary he was immediately thrust into the center of a political maelstrom that threatened to derail the united front of the APC in Ondo State in the few months leading to the upcoming Governorship election. Accusations of there being no primary election held in several polling units were being flung in every direction by other understandably aggrieved aspirants & their supporters. The Electoral Committee led by H.E. Usman Ododo and INEC swiftly disagreed with that premise.

When the heat of the political brouhaha along with it’s attendant negative implications was becoming a cause for concern, the apex APC leaders at the national level had to wade into the matter in order to arrest the steadily deteriorating situation. H. E. Umar Ganduje made several moves to placate other aspirants who felt the process had not been fair to them. This was partly successful as most of the aggrieved aspirants agreed to set aside their grievances & work for the success of the party.

Notable among those who refused to be placated was the highly cerebral Senator Jimoh Ibrahim who took things a step further by seeking redress in a court of law as is within his rights. While this action did not go down well with many party stakeholders and political interests it was in essence a good example of how vibrant democracy and the Rule of Law can be in modern societies. And one could never dispute the topsy turvy nature of the ensuing sociopolitical drama especially amongst followers across different camps and casual observers.

During this particularly turbulent period, H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa continued to humbly reach out to all APC camps within the state with the intention of mending fences and building bridges. His words and actions spoke volumes about his respect and admiration for those who had thrown their proverbial hats into the ring with him during the primary. He personally went about to preach togetherness, mutual understanding and running an inclusive government where all interests would be represented and acknowledged. This sincere and humble approach further underlined his unique leadership qualities which is a rarity in the Nigerian political landscape. And this approach definitely won him more than a few new supporters.

It was therefore a relief when Sen. Jimoh Ibrahim decided to withdraw his suit challenging the emergence of the incumbent as the APC’s flagbearer in deference to the request of H.E. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR. As a true Progressive who was savvy with the inner workings of the intrigues of Nigerian politics, the President was able to convince the erudite senator to accede to his request in the best interest of the party and as a loyal and tactical party man Senator Jimoh Ibrahim invariably agreed. Kudos and much respect to the Araba of Ondo State.

It is worthy to note that with this development every member and supporter of the APC in Ondo State is a winner. The rancour and bickerings of the past few months can now be set aside while the APC maps out strategies that would allow it emerge victorious at the end of the upcoming electioneering process. Ondo State deserves only the best and this must be a wakeup call to all true sons and daughters of the Sunshine State to get involved in the process. H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa is ready to work hand-in-hand with other concerned stakeholders in his quest to deliver qualitative socioeconomic dividends that will usher in a golden era for the masses in Ondo State.

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