Mass Actions; The Hope Of The Citizens To Get Government Working

Mass Actions; The Hope Of The Citizens To Get Government Working

July 28, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

It was a fulfilling experience participating in the NLC-organized protest to #EndASUUStrike, the experience of the previous postponed mass actions by the NLC, made one to doubt if truly the protest would hold, despite the previous disappointment experienced in the hands of the Labour leadership, surprisingly, the turn out for the protest was massive. Why do we feel disappointed that labour betrayed previous mass actions by calling strikes off at 11th hour as the case?

It’s not because we are strikes enthusiasts, but to put in perspectives that as history have it, in all countries of the world, it’s pressure groups that compel government of countries to act upright at all point in time. If all human race becomes docile in the running of affairs of the economy, the ruling elites would find that as a meal ticket to conveniently dish out excruciating policies that would ultimately hinder our collective progress in all facets of life. Infact, they can even demand to have our heads as meal.

And, this is reality before our eyes, the experience of the postponement of the NLC strike on electricity and Fuel price hike has further emboldened the Federal government to further unleash more attacks on the poor and working people from hiked food prices, devaluation of naira, absence of industry to provide job for the teaming population, to all shades of insecurities experienced at a profoundly unimaginable rates, that even the president can not be said to sleep with his two eyes closed in Aso rock.

It should send a signal to the people, that their fate is right in the decisions they make, either to join mass action which is the only means to demand for better living conditions, or be an onlooker and allow their very rights to be trampled upon by the careless leadership, who are clueless and unwilling to build an economy and society that works for all.

A is for Aluta
C is for Continua
V is for Victoria
A is for Ascerta

The Struggle Continues ✊🏾

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