Oil spill: Micah Ajijo sneaked and escaped out of Ayetoro community on the allege embezzlement of #150 million Mobil oil spillage compensation fund for over 2000 beneficiaries.

On Saturday 4th March 2023,Ayetoro indegenes embarked on a peaceful demonstration/protest to demand for our #150 million Mobil oil spillage compensation fund paid to the community in September 2021 for the massive loss of fishes,poultry species and death of domestic animals reared commercially as a result of contamination of water caused by Oil spillage.

The community unanimously agreed upon an account to be submitted for the payment of this money but Micah Ajijo in his usual cunny way clandestinely and surreptiously presented his account who is not a fisherman and does not know anything about the Mobil oil spillage when it happened in 1998.

Since 2021,several attempts and frantic efforts have been made to prevail and call Micah Ajijo to order so that over 2000 beneficiaries of the Mobil oil spillage compensation fund who are predominantly 95% fishermen will be given their entitlement but all efforts proved abortive.

The beneficiaries having waited for two good years for their money to be paid,decided to embark on a peaceful protest for the collection of their money.

On Sunday evening,Micah Ajijo knowing fully well that the beneficiaries were determined and resolute for the collection of their money sneaked and escaped out of the community and his people started parking out and removing their properties from his house at the very moment he left the community.

They had parked three (3) days and Micah Ajijo in his usual style embark on a face saving tactics and propaganda.He started to grant press interview and paid hungry journalists to begin to accuse the people of Ayetoro of assasination attempt and looting of his property.We find this laughable and irresponsible.How can you be owing such a huge money and we would want to kill you?A creditor most times help debtor in prayers to be Hale and hearty so that the debts should be paid.

We wish Micah Ajijo has valuables that we can hold in trust pending the time he can pay our money.Unfortunately he doesnt.We have no use for 20 years old Tv,mattress and freezer.So what is there to loot in his house.Occupants of his house started parking things out the very moment he escaped out of the community.

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We would not have dignified all these baseless allegations with reply if not for the false accusation of looting.Over 20 people living in his house have been removing properties and personal effects out of the house for three 3 days before we decided to record some of them.We shall make these videos available when necessary.

This was the same tactics he employed in January 11th 2018 when he brought armed thugs from Lagos and Igbokoda to unleash attack on the people where several people were severely injured.
This your unfounding allegation will not stop the peaceful agitation of the people which the law permits for the collection of our money.

We,therefore appeal to the relevant authorities and state government to order Micah Ajijo to give us our money.

Pa Lawrence Lemamu
Chairman association of Fishermen.
12th March,2023.


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