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Mo Farah – From being trafficked to being a gold medalist

Sir Mo Farah has revealed that he was trafficked into the UK to work as a domestic help. In an interview with BBC he reveals that his original name is Hussein Abdi Kahin. He was named Mo Farah by the people who trafficked him.

The olympic Gold medalist previously claimed that he came to the UK with his parents but has now debunked that. He says his parents have never been to the united kingdom. His mother and two brothers live in Somaliland, and his father died in civil violence in somalia.

Mo farah
Mo farah

Mo Farah says he was flown to the UK at age nine by a woman who told him he was going to stay with relatives but he ended up working as a help.

Mohamed Farah was not allowed to go to school till he was 12 years. This is where he discovered he could run. His P.E teacher Alan watkinson says

“The only language he seemed to understand was the language of sports.”

So Mr Alan contacted social services and got Mo a new somalian family. Mo says he felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

Mo farah
Mo farah

Mo farad who went on to win gold medals in 5,000m and 10,000m at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic games, says he wants to speak his truth to challenge public perception of trafficking and slavery.

This is a sad story for sure, but also very inspiring. The way Mo was able to rise above the challenges he faced growing shows his character. It also tells you to never give up.

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