“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD” – Prov. 18:23

My darling wife, loneliness became a thing of the past ever since you came on board as my biggest supporter and blessing. Nobody makes me smile or encourages me to be a better person the way you do and I will always be your biggest supporter too.

An unlucky man may consider suicide or jettisoning his wife because he finds no joy in her, while a lucky man always thinks of ways to renew or reinvigorate his love for his wife as a sign of his special bond to her.

I rejoice with you today because you are absolutely the best wife in the world. You came into my life when I had nothing other than a physical body with minimal prospects but God has blessed me through you and I acknowledge the great strides I have since taken with you by my side. You truly light up my life and I am forever grateful for you. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life.

I look forward to growing old with you, my delectable wife and mother of my beautiful children because life without you would be less captivating. As the years go by we shall surely have many fond memories to dwell on till we depart as great grandparents to continue our love for eternity.

If it were possible right now, I would have drawn your picture across the sky to show the world how unique, radiant and beautiful you are. Simply put, you are the very best part of my life.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday, darling.

Enjoy long life and prosperity mixed with God’s divine grace and mercy, amen.

From your doting hubby,
Crown Wellington Oriade Adebawo

By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Gabriel O. Fasholu is the founder and editor of SPYCONNET. A brilliant Educationist, Social Media Enthusiast & Freelancer who is passionate about passing undefiled information to the entire public.

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