My husband left me for another Nigerian woman – Korra Obidi

My husband left me for another Nigerian woman – Korra Obidi

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Korra Obidi’s Husband At It Again

The dark skined beauty is trending yet again because if her ex husband Justin Dean. After their six years of marriage the couple put an end to their relationship after a series of back and forths

The couples alleged themselves cheats as they had so insecurities or better said commitment issues

However, today’s issue is about Korra’s ex husband Dean, as he recently shared a picture on his insta story with his “new lover”

Now, we all know how Dean used to complian about cheating and racism towards his wife as he claims he has a low level of affinity for dark skin women

Well, in the recent picture, Justin Dean is spotted with another “dark” skinned woman and he looked to be quite pleased with her presence

Fans of the balling dancer Korra start to flood her comment section with different conclusions, which made Korra to react, and she said “Justin don’t want this street hawker…. but guess what’s, the next woman he got was still black…. all the racist comments I’ve been getting, when they caught him with the next person what complexion was she, she was still melanin popping, she was still what? A Nigerian, he likes what he likes, I like what I like…. so live let’s live.”

Although their was a time when Justin also came out to rant about his marriage, it looks to me like he’s the one trying to spoil it all night long

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