My life is in danger – portable

My life is in danger – portable

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Singer Portable’s Life In Danger

Singer Portable comes out in the open to the press, saying his life is in danger. The singer previously claimed that he is the founder of the 1 Million and Ajah boys gang.

This statement was made by the portable in a now deleted video, and now his claims have changed.

“Open your ear and hear me, you’ve heard about Ajah boys, 1 million Boys, I’m their founder.”

However, the gangs sent a life threatening message to the music star which has now brought him out with a different story.

The singer recently released a message saying

“clearing the air on this Zazu!!! This has come to an end that I have to voice out. please everyone I wanna let you know that I didn’t meant to campaign. It was a show that they told that I was going before before I saw myself in APC office and as a man no need to worry I gats to do the job since e involve money.”

He then went on to say

“And what I meant by 1 Million boys is meant 1 Million followers. People are threatening my life ooo you should all look into this. I GO BY THE NAME PORTABLE OMOLALOMI, I DO MUSIC FOR A LIVING.”

The singer has been in a lot of controversy since he landed in the public eye and we hope he gets out safe.

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