NBA world remembers Kobe Bryant on his birthday

NBA world remembers Kobe Bryant on his birthday

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Kobe Bryant Would have been 44 Yesterday

NBA hall of famer Kobe Bryant would have turned 44 years Yesterday. Sadly for the NBA lovers, we lost one of our greatest ballers to ever surface the earth. We lost the former Lakers small forward to a helicopter crash as a result to bad weather condition.

The crash involved the pilot, kobe, and his late daughter Gianna Bryant. The news left his widow wife traumatized as she said she get emotional whenever she sees pictures of her late daughter and husband.

Kobe Bryant won 5 NBA championships for the Lakers team including a thrre-peat alongside Shaquile O’Neal. He also played for the team for 20 seasons.

NBA stars from across the league have celebrated the life of the legend on his birthday.

We are all deeply sad for the lost of an earths champion, so here is a short clip of Kobes highlight.

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