Nigeria Police Force Set to Lift Ban on Tinted Glass Permits to Bolster National Security”


In a bid to fortify national security measures and combat criminal activities facilitated by the misuse of tinted glass, the Nigeria Police Force has announced the conclusion of its review on the issuance of tinted glass permits, initially banned in June 2022. The ban stemmed from widespread apprehensions surrounding the involvement of tinted glass in aiding various nefarious activities, including kidnapping, armed robbery, illegal firearm transportation, and human trafficking.

With plans to lift the ban on the horizon, the Nigeria Police Force is instituting stringent measures to deter abuse and ensure strict adherence to guidelines governing the issuance and usage of tinted glass permits. A comprehensive training session scheduled for February 29, 2024, will prepare ICT Analysts and Enforcement Officers nationwide for their roles preceding the reinstatement of tinted glass permit issuance.

The training aims to equip these personnel with the requisite skills and knowledge to oversee the registration process, assist registrants with portal navigation when necessary, address public complaints, and enforce compliance effectively. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the nuances of the updated guidelines, emphasizing the delicate balance between public safety, individual liberties, and national security imperatives.

The proposed tinted glass permits will feature distinct elements designed to enhance enforcement efficiency and security measures. These include QR codes linked to a centralized database for real-time verification, unique serial numbers tied to vehicle and owner particulars, and digital holograms ensuring authenticity and integrity, among other provisions.

Crucially, it is emphasized that the guidelines governing the issuance of tinted permits and the usage of tinted glass will strictly adhere to the provisions outlined in the MOTOR VEHICLES (PROHIBITION OF TINTED GLASS) ACT 1991 and other pertinent extant laws. This strategic approach underscores the Nigeria Police Force’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing public safety while upholding individual rights and safeguarding national security interests.

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