Nigerian Police Issue Warning Ahead of Labor Protest Over Rising Living Costs


Authorities in Nigeria have issued a stern warning against any violent activities during the upcoming two-day labor demonstration, slated to protest the challenging living conditions and high cost of living in the country. The police alert comes amidst growing concerns expressed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) regarding the potential for social instability in several African nations, including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, and Kenya, due to soaring prices of essential commodities.

In its 2024 macroeconomic performance and outlook report, the AfDB cautioned that while Africa’s economy is expected to witness stronger growth compared to the previous year, internal conflicts and violence could erupt as a consequence of escalating fuel and commodity prices, exacerbated by currency depreciation and governmental reforms. The removal of fuel subsidies in countries like Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria has particularly sparked social unrest, fueled by opposition to government policies.

In preparation for the planned protests, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Adegoke Fayoade, convened a meeting with labor leaders at the command headquarters on Sunday. Benjamin Hundeyin, the State Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed that the labor union has assured adherence to legal protocols during the demonstrations. Hundeyin further stated that a contingent of officers will be deployed to ensure compliance with law and order during the protests.

“We have no fears,” remarked Hundeyin. “The Commissioner of Police met with NLC and TUC today, and we had a lengthy discussion. We are certain that there won’t be a breakdown of law and order. But notwithstanding, we will be on the ground to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order.”

As tensions simmer ahead of the scheduled demonstrations, both authorities and labor leaders are striving to uphold peace and ensure that the protests proceed peacefully within the confines of the law.

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