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Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) have rejected the sudden and significant hike in their tuition. They described the increase in tuition fees by the management of NOUN as ill-considered and outrageous while insisting on total reversal.

On social media, some of the students asked the school to reverse the hike or “expect the mother of all protests”. They described the increase in tuition fees by the management of NOUN as ill-considered and outrageous while insisting on total reversal.

With utmost humility, we write the general public on behalf of coalition of other concerned to convey the sentiments and pains of the students of the National Open University of Nigeria over the recently communicated memo stating an outrageous increment in school for degree and postgraduate students of the University.

We are most assured and confident that the Directorate and authority of the University takes her decisions after critical discussions, thoughts and review amidst the academic juggernauts and motherly minds that occupy and guide the activities of our academic life as students.

To this understanding and in the context to the unravelling realities open to all, the released amount (a sum total of Undergraduate New Students From #36,000 to #55,000 minus courses and exam registration, Exam registration is #1,500 from #1,000, Project fee #25,000 and for postgraduate from #35,000 to #61,000 ), an increment of like 300% to be paid is felt outrageous and overwhelming for us, our parents and guardians and particularly for many of us who bear the risk of this challenging economic realities to send ourselves to school.

As objective minds and members of the public, it is safe to research and review from our colleagues who run degree programmes with other Universities, none pay this much for tuition, even in some private universities.

We are seriously alarmed and troubled that in our efforts of pursuing a first degree and postgraduate degree programs and to be responsible citizens who would in return should give back to the society that has given a lot to us, we might be witnessing a serious roadblock to complete this exercise with the amount that has been charged if we are to further our education.

These concerned students humbly appeal for a considerable reduction in this fee, to its previous amount and status quo.

There is a serious distress, fear and agony ravaging our colleagues as a result of this increment, some are on verge of loosing hope and we will all be most gracious as always if this is resolved as quickest as possible, and just also to douse all tensions in the air.

We are very hopeful and confident our requests will be considered and we will be made to smile again and aspire for greatness that we strive at all cost to be.

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