Oba Segun Akinyomi inaugurated the new leaders of the Federation of Mahinland Youth.

Oba Segun Akinyomi inaugurated the new leaders of the Federation of Mahinland Youth.

November 5, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Historic Inauguration of the Federation of Mahinland Youths Leadership

Mahin Kingdom, October 4, 2023 In a momentous event in Ode-Mahin, Comrade Eni-Ola Friday, Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi, Dr. Abiwo Tope, and other esteemed individuals have emerged as key leaders of the Federation of Mahinland Youths. This marks a significant milestone in the history of Mahin Kingdom as her Apex Youth Body.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by the esteemed presence of His Imperial Majesty, Oba SEGUN Williams Akinyomi, the Amapetu of Mahin Kingdom, and all Chiefs of Mahinland, witnessed the official swearing-in of the Executive members. Comrade Eni-Ola Friday assumes the crucial role of chairman, bringing forth a wealth of experience and dedication to the betterment of Mahinland youth.

Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi steps into the position of secretary, bringing organizational prowess and a passion for community development. Dr. Abiwo Tope, as Treasurer, is entrusted with the financial stewardship, even as a medical doctor, crucial for the success of the Federation’s initiatives.

The newly inaugurated executive is poised to work collaboratively, harnessing the collective energy and aspirations of Mahinland youth. Their commitment to fostering unity, empowerment, and progress within the youth community reflects a shared vision for a thriving Mahin Kingdom.

The full list of executives includes the following: Comrd. Eni-Ola Friday (Chairman), Adepiti Idowu (Deputy Chairman), Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi (General Secretary), Dr. Abiwo Temitop (Treasurer), Omodebi Emiloju (AGS), Goroth Durojaye (Financial Secretary), Ehinmotimi Oluwanbe (P.R.O. 1), Pennie Ori-Ade (P.R.O. 2), Ikudehinbu Ojo (Patron & Co-ordinator), Omopekunola Adeleke (Ex-Officio 1), Esanmore Monday (Mahin 1 Co-ordinator), Ogungbamila Oke (Mahin II Co-Ordinator), Odiyeye Olawale (Mahin III Co-Ordinator), and Ikudehinbu Taiwo (Mahin IV Co-Ordinator)

This inauguration signals a new era for the Federation of Mahinland Youths, underscoring its commitment to inclusive leadership and sustainable development. Oba SEGUN Akinyomi, the Amapetu of Mahin Kingdom, expressed confidence in their ability to steer the Federation towards achieving its goals.

About the Federation of Mahinland Youths:
The Federation of Mahinland Youths, the Apex Youth Body of Mahinland, is a dynamic organization dedicated to the empowerment and development of the Mahin Kingdom youth at home and abroad. Committed to fostering unity and progress, the Federation works towards creating a vibrant and inclusive community for Mahinland youths.

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