Premier league prediction for gameweek 8

Premier league prediction for gameweek 8

September 17, 2022 0 By

Premier league for the weekend kicked of with a win for Aston Villa over Southhampton. But there is still a lot of premier league action to go.

Here is a list of matches this weekend.

Wolves – Man city (12:30)

This should be a good win for Manchester city as haaland has been in the form of his life. It’s most likely to continue in this match

New castle – Bournemouth (15:00)

After that 9 – 0 defeat, I don’t see Newcastle getting the better of Bournemouth, despite being at home.


Tottenham – Leicester (17:30)

Leceister has had a terrible start to the premier league and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop here. This should be a fairly easy win for Tottenham.

Brentford – Arsenal ( Sunday 12:00)

Arsenal win.

Everton – West ham (tomorrow 14:15)

Everton and west ham are both struggling at the bottom of the table and this could go any way. But I think Everton would take this one because they have home advantage, plus my gut feeling.

There you have it guys, that’s my prediction. Predict yours in the comment section below.

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