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The report going viral about Lagos State stopping buses coming from the northern states into garages in Lagos is not only a figment of a mind that is going randy but also a call for medical attention to those who came up with this malicious and laughable release.

For the sake of the public, we have to make a rejoinder in order to set the records straight concerning the ridiculous article and make it known that there are some people with the mindset of destabilizing the relative peace witnessed in Lagos State.

The said words were twisted by fifth columnist who wants to achieve whatever evil gains they only know. The words were conversations that happened in a meeting on the regular Tuesday gathering of the association.

The deputy acting chairman; Mr Bamgbose Oluseyi who stood in the gap for the Acting Chairman made a remark saying the stickers of the Road Transport Employers Assocuation of Nigeria RTEAN is a national emblem and is allowed at all garages and having another on the said buses would be double taxation on the said buses.

It doesn’t come as a surprise the display of malady by men who are hell bent on destroying the peace witnessed in Lagos State as they have done everything within their wherewithal to cause commotions in time past but for the astute leadership of the Mr Babajide Sanwoolu who was in firm control of the operations in the state and maintained the status quo of peace in the land.

Lagos State is a state that has accomodated nearly all ethnic group in the nation and never has it been heard that we were hostile to anybody and if anybody is suggesting such at this political transistion, you can but wonder what their gains are.

In conclusion, Lagos State is a home for everybody and once you are in allegiance to the rules and laws in the state, you are safe but if otherwise you will be dealt with according to the dictates of the land.

We are grossly commited and concerned with playing our part ìn making Lagos State a desirable destination for growth than waste our time and energy on people who lacks the power amd wisdom to think straight.


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