Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips

August 30, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

…… Akinboyewa Stephen Ayoola

Let me do one thing I have never done in this space or any

Giving relationship tips😅

But first of all, I’m not giving out tips cause I got served BREAKFAST or because my cup overflow with Love. It’s just from simple observation.

Keep these in mind in your relationship(s)

  1. Your partner would not have similar attributes like you – so prepare to be dealing with a different kind of person every day
  2. Don’t Manage your partner, Enjoy your partner- Enjoy the differences you both offer
  3. For men it’s Respect = Value = Trust
    For women it’s Gift = Attention = Understanding. You downplay any of this one’s you have just pulled a cluster grenade
  4. Beyond spirituality, build character and leadership qualities to support one another

Number 5,6 and so on is in your hand
Just drop it in the comment😅

Good day beloved

Credit: Akinboyewa Stephen Ayoola

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