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Reno Omokri commends Davido’s commitment to family

How Many People Can Do What Davido Did For His Family
A bloodline relative of the Adeleke family just concluded a massive win at the osun state elections. The state just signed in not only a man of valour who goes by the name “Ademola Adeleke” but also the uncle of our well celebrated Nigerian artiste “Davido”

The Nigerian artiste as said played a massive role in the victory of his Uncle in the governmental election, using his great influence to tigger the hearts of the people of osun state towards his Uncle to amass quite a number of votes. A tweet later followed the victory as socio political commentator “Reno Omokri asked a question to the public

“How many celebrities can do this for their family What Davido did for his? Some even fight their blood brother. Or fight their birth parent. One family member who is committed to you is more than millions of fans who are interested in you” he said

The political commentator futhered more bu saying “Senator Adeleke won partly because of Davido. Going forward, davido will win more because of Governor Adeleke. But look at your family. Whatever energy,money and influence you have is dedicated to pulling each other down. Learn from the Adelekes!

Well,this sums it all up for us,and it should be taking as a guide to better family bonds instead of envy, after all, we rise by lifting others.

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