Renowned Business Mogul Aminu Dantata Advocates for Parliamentary System of Leadership


Renowned Nigerian business magnate Aminu Dantata has thrown his weight behind the advocacy for a parliamentary system of leadership in the country. Dantata expressed his support during a visit by some members of the House of Representatives, led by Minority Leader Kingsley Chinda, to his residence in Kano on Thursday.

In his remarks, Dantata commended the legislators for their initiative and emphasized the benefits of adopting a parliamentary system. “Thank you very much for coming to my house: I pray for the success of this gigantic movement,” he stated. “Parliamentary system is better for this country as it is much cheaper while presidential is too expensive.”

Dantata further extended his prayers for the success of the lawmakers’ efforts, urging them to garner support from their colleagues. “I pray you have the support of your colleagues and pray Allah should give you wisdom and guide you to achieve this noble job in assisting this country,” he remarked.

The advocacy for a parliamentary system of governance has gained momentum in recent times, with proponents citing its potential to enhance efficiency and accountability in government operations. As influential figures like Aminu Dantata lend their support to the cause, the debate surrounding Nigeria’s governance structure is expected to intensify in the coming days.

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