Rio Ferdinand on Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr:

Rio Ferdinand on Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr:

January 4, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

“The media is shameful. When Rooney, Beckham, Lampard and Gerrard went to America they said it was a great way to end their careers, to make a lot of money in a league that isn’t as competitive and they deserved. This is all I have been reading in the media. But when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to do this, it became a shame and a disaster all because he went to Saudi Arabia…

Im glad he’s finally happy For any footballer, whatever his level, happiness and being content in the environment in which we play is one of the most important things. He hasn’t been happy for a while so I’m glad he’s about to find that happiness again, even if it’s at an unexpected club. But what an adventure for him to go to Saudi Arabia, to discover a brand new league, a highly competitive league btw in Asia.

I’ve seen people comment and some experts saying it was a sad way for him to end his career. The only sadness is how it ended at Manchester United. I think in hindsight, in a few years he will look back and feel this could have been handled differently. But this next chapter, going to Saudi Arabia, what a sad way to end your career? I don’t understand how people can say this?

This is a new adventure where he takes his family to discover a new culture too. All the other great players who went to a less competitive league to end their careers deserved it. And no man on the planet has earned the right to do it more than Cristiano.”

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