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Lagos State witnessed yet another public display of shambolism and barbarism where destruction of properties, lives and disruption of peace was witnessed along the Badagry area by the workers of Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), making lives miserable for the people of the area.

This incident which is the latest of the many witnessed has once again made our plea a genuine one, that Mr Governor’s desire to see a Lagos of global excellence will never materialize if the union managing the affairs of the transport system is not regularized.

Scores of our members were injured and presently hospitalized and dozens of our vehicles vandalized because the society has not come to the point of realization that this thuggery that has no place in global manifestation must be pushed into extinction.

Mr Babajide Sanwoolu has made a giant statement in the transportation sector, breaking national records and transisting into global values with the arrival of the “mono rail trains” which would redefine the concept of transportation and help make the lives of the citizens better, yet the Road Transport Employers Association Of Nigeria chooses the next day of such an earth shaking event to unleash their foolishness.

This incident has further vindicated the Lagos state government decision to position the management of the parks and garages under a unitary leadership system that has curbed the excesses of ruffians who at every opportunity disrupt the peace and tranquility a state like Lagos is known for.

Once again, as we have always advocated, that there is no where in the world where individuals are greater than the government, once it was NURTW now it is RTEAN. Who knows what next if this budding beast isn’t curtailed and maimed?

We hope as NURTW was scrapped, we believe this nuisance called RTEAN would also be scrapped and Lagos would be free from these charlatans holding the citizens by the jugular.

Lagos will be free from the hands of charlatans, Mr Governor you can make this happen.

Funsho Adebiye
Concerned Transport Owners and Employers Association.

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